Lovely Homewares That’ll Breathe New Life into Your Home

Home, sweet home. The place where you can be yourself, hide from the rest of this hectic world and spend time with your loved ones. Homes are truly amazing really. As someone once said, it feels good to leave your home, but it feels even better to come back. However, the current global health crisis has made everyone stay inside more. If you work from home or you just practice social distancing, chances are that you’ve become bored with your space and you might feel like it’s time for a change.

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However, redecorating from scratch requires a ton of money, time and effort that not everyone can afford nowadays. Luckily, there’s a quick fix which requires a little bit of cash, imagination and a trip to the homeware shop. Continue reading to find out how you can breathe new life into your home with the loveliest homewares Australia wide.

Give Your Living Room a Makeover

Let’s start with your living room, the place where you probably spend most of your time chilling or hanging around with friends and family. Your living room is the central part of your home; it should be eye-appealing, welcoming, and homey. If you feel like your living room lacks one of these things or you’re simply bored with the current aesthetic, you can easily give it a makeover in a few simple steps and a quick visit to your favourite homewares store.

First things first, you should make your living room feel more open by removing all the clutter lying around the corners. If you’re feeling sentimental, you can buy hand-woven baskets and store all your thingies there instead of throwing them away. These baskets are very convenient homewares that’ll make tidying up a breeze and add a touch of warmth along the way. You can use them to store magazines, toys, tools and even small appliances.
living room decor

If you want to make your living room even more open and spacious, you should consider buying a large, but simple mirror with clean lines and modest details and hang it across your windows. This will create the illusion of a larger space and will make your living room brighter.

Next step is to dress up your walls in order to break up the look and create a bit of interest. A stylish clock with a contemporary design and a retro twist should do the trick. For instance, the Scarlett wall Clock by One Six Eight London has bags of personality and timeless appeal. Thanks to its sophisticated, uncluttered design it can grace any living room with its clean lines, and warm colour. You can also hang wall signs with heartwarming phrases like this one that says “all you need is love and a dog” to let everyone one know that one of the goodest boys lives here as well.

If you’re sick and tired of your sofa and don’t have a couple of thousands to get a new one right now, just add a few comfy cushions and a soft throw to instantly upgrade the look. Plus, you’ll get a much greater cuddle factor if you opt for this Chambray Waffle Throw in pink.

While there’re certain rules you’ll need to follow when making some major changes, no one should tell you how to decorate your living room. It should be about you and you only. Go to a homewares store that stocks a diverse array of quick updates and modern homeware designs that’ll bring out your personality and fit your interior style. Homewares are highly practical, but they also bring character and charm to living rooms. They can make your living space look cozier for you and your family and keep your guests entertained.

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Turn Your Bedroom into Your Peaceful Sanctuary

Bedrooms are more intimate and reserved only for you, your significant other or kids. Your bedroom should feel safe, endearing and drama-free. With a little bit of creativity and the help of your homeware shop, you can turn your bedroom into your own peaceful sanctuary. Just because guests don’t visit your bedroom, it doesn’t mean that it should look dull and uninspiring.

You can add a touch of sophistication, keep your belongings at arm’s reach and have an extra storage space, all that with a single bedside table from the Suffolk Collection. A mix of classic and contemporary lines neatly put together in an elegant design. Pair it with the 3 drawer console and enjoy the great finesse that these two pieces offer together.

Never underestimate the importance of lamps and lampshades in your bedroom. Not only that their design and texture create more interest without taking too much space, but they’ll also help you set the mood. The Coast Ceramic White Cylinder Lamp features a ceramic base and a linen lampshade that’ll create the right atmosphere in your bedroom. This lamp exudes elegance, style and sophistication.

Your bedroom is also another excellent place to hang up wall signs and art. It can either be a statement piece that’ll grab your attention every time you wake up or something that’ll blend in and complement your overall aesthetic. The Sara Coral Painting makes an excellent piece that’ll add an artistic touch. The beautiful corals in soothing colours are a sight for sore eyes. Plus, do you know that corals symbolize modesty, wisdom and happiness and are commonly known remedies for sleeplessness?

If you want to add a touch of clean, bright energy, consider adding plants to your bedroom. They’ll purify the air and bring the calm of nature inside. Have a look at the Cindy Ceramic Planter that’s actually a sleepy cat. Not only that’ll keep your plant flourishing, but also, it’ll make a quirky addition to your décor.

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From an Ordinary Bathroom to Your Personal Oasis

Your bathroom is the most practical and functional area of your home. Sure, you use it for mundane things, but if you get creative and use wonderful homeware to decorate it, it can become your personal oasis and your favourite place to relax after a long day.

To avoid making your bathroom cluttered with lots of ornaments, opt for stylish homewares that are practical and yet double as decorations. Replace your most used items with modern counterparts to effortlessly update your bathroom. For instance, a black Emboss Soap Dispenser can single handedly beautify your six and make it look more sophisticated. If you want to bring your whole bathroom up to date, pair it with a pedal bin, toilet paper, tissue box and brush holder from the same line. Using black accent pieces is the go-to choice for many designers because they pair well with different bathroom fixtures and fittings, but you can opt for a different finish as well.

If you want to add a finishing luxe touch, get perfumed flowers that’ll enchant you with their fine fragrance. The Cote Noire Perfumed Rose Bud is beautiful life-like rose. Each petal is skillfully handcrafted and uses a special natural coating to give it a natural appearance.

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Closing Thoughts

And there you have it, a complete makeover for less than a 1000$. And if you want to make the whole process even more hassle-free and save money on gas, then you can buy homewares online from the convenience of your soon to be revamped home.