Lovely Designer Letterbox for Lovely Home Curb-Appeal: Choose Wisely

Anyone saying snail mail is obsolete is entirely wrong. Yes, we are living in the era of technology, where electronics, social networks, and instant messages reign, but that doesn’t mean receiving mail the good old-fashioned way is gone. We still receive specific things through the mailman, which goes to show just how important the letterbox still is.

Let’s also not forget the fact the letterbox can speak volumes about your home, so people can get an impression about you and your home even from the outside, as soon as they step to your yard. If you want to send out the right message, receive snail mail in style, and increase the value of your home, get a designer letterbox. Why go for something of low quality, when you can make a valuable purchase? Whether you like it or not, this is the item that’s crucial for the exterior design.

With the wide range of models nowadays, equally well-designed and stylish, you wouldn’t have to worry on the ending result – the letterbox can help you do wonders for the landscaping, and make for instant curb-appeal boost. Along with the variety of choices when it comes to installation, from post mount, to fence mount, and wall mount, the designer letterbox has plenty to offer in terms of materials it’s made of as well.

All carefully chosen to provide resistance to the harsh Australian climate, material choices of designer letterboxes include woods as the sustainable accoya, superior to tropical hardwoods, and treated timbers in durability, and metals like the aluminium coating, and stainless steel for longevity – so you can have your peace of mind as the letterbox wouldn’t rust or lose its charm.

The wood itself can be personalised, as it comes in raw form, so you can decide if you want to let it weather, without losing its beauty though, or stain or oil it to the colour of your home. To add further to their charm, you can personalise letterboxes either with engravings, or by making their style pop with matching wall planter boxes. Then again, if you want to get something specifically tailored to your taste and requirements, knowing it’s going to suit your environment better, you also have the option to get a customised letterbox.

This sort of letterbox is sure to restore your faith in snail mail, and make you look forward to making more use of it, sending and receiving. It’s almost time for the festive season, so start planning how to surprise your loved ones, putting their letterboxes to work by sending them some snail mail Christmas cards, and gifts.