The Lovely Benefits of Hi Vis Children’s Clothing

In some schools, children have to wear dark uniforms which makes it harder to spot them on their way to and from school every day. Whether they are cycling, walking, or just crossing the road after they have been dropped off by their parents, sometimes it can be hard to see them, especially on the more misty and rainy mornings and in the times of the day when daylight is fading.

Some coats, shoes or bags may have small reflective trims which help make the person wearing them a bit more visible, but in most cases, that’s not enough, especially when twilight comes. Just look around any busy city center and you will see people wearing bright yellow or orange jackets as they go about their work – postal workers, police officers, supermarket trolley collectors, builders and so on. So yes, it is a fact that many adults are keeping themselves bright, but what happens when it comes to our children? It’s only fair to offer your little ones the same level of protection and the same safety measures that you take, right? The solution to this problem is definitely hi vis children’s clothing.

However, not every kid wants to wear a hi vis jacket on the way to school and back. As a matter of fact, the weather here in Australia for the bigger part of the year is so warm that jackets are not something we all look forward to wearing. However, there are various different other options that you and your kids can choose from, the most popular in Australia being the hi vis t-shirt. By wearing this type of t-shirt, your kids will be more visible to drivers, they will be safer cyclists and pedestrians and will grow up understanding the need to take responsibility for their actions and safety.

The best part about these pieces of clothing is that they are quite affordable and almost everyone can afford to get one for their little one. Plus, they are so noticeable that wearers can be identified three seconds before people who are not wearing them. And we all know that sometimes 3 seconds can make a huge difference when it comes to situations involving traffic. Wearing hi vis children’s clothing is also especially important when navigating through a potentially hazardous area. When teachers are escorting kids on a class field trip, these shirts help for the kids to be easily spotted in case some wander off the group.