Looking Stylish: Tips for Choosing the Perfect Top for You

Choosing the right clothes isn’t easy. There are plenty of factors that go into picking the perfect piece – the style and colour scheme of your wardrobe, the quality of the material, the fit, etc. Women’s shirts are the most versatile clothing elements. There are so many parts to customize, such as the sleeves, the shoulders, the length of the shirt etc.

You deserve to look stunning and stylish, no matter if you’re twenty-five or fifty-five years old. Read on to discover how to pick the top that’s ideal for you.

Fast Fashion vs Sustainable Clothing

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The word ‘fast fashion’ refers to the larger part of clothing we see today, and how it’s manufactured. Fast fashion focuses on producing enormous amounts of clothing in a limited time, while using artificial materials and dyes. This practice is taking over the fashion industry at increasing rates and is causing damage both to humans and the environment. The masses consume this type of clothing quickly and at cheap prices, which always makes them come back for more.

The workers involved in this industry often have their rights sacrificed by their superiors. They often work extended hours for less pay and in bad working conditions. They use toxic dyes that they later dispose in landfills or rivers, causing significant harm to the environment. In some countries, people say that you can tell the popular colour of the season by the colour of the rivers, which is a statement that causes great concern.

On the other hand, we have sustainable and ethical clothing. Why is sustainable clothing good? In a world focused primarily on easy profits instead of the welfare of humans and nature, sustainable clothing is making a breakthrough. These industries focus on manufacturing high quality clothing from durable natural materials, such as linen, modal and cotton. Natural fabrics are soft to the skin and these pieces are both stylish and comfortable to wear. If you’re looking for a new stylish shirt, check out the range of sustainable designer womens tops.

They come in a variety of vivid colours obtained by natural dyes that cause no harm to nature and animals. They’re available in different styles to match any aesthetic. When buying a piece of clothing, it’s good to know that it’s made in an ethical manner and it’s more durable than the common low-quality tops that we see everywhere. Sustainability allows you this luxury.

Dress for Your Body Shape

Dress for Your Body Shape
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The second factor you need to look at is your body type. When you see stylish sustainable tops that you like, you’re often tempted to immediately buy them, however, what looks good on the model may not always work for your body shape and vice versa.

A popular rule in fashion design is to draw more attention to your best features, as well as to visually balance your body shape with accessories and the right choice of colour. If your hips are significantly wider than your shoulders, you should consider a bright and colourful top and a lot of accessories. However, in the opposite situation, it’s best to go with a dark and more minimalist top. If you have an hourglass figure, try an eco friendly crop top. They bring a dose of chic an elegance in your wardrobe, as well as allow you to accentuate your thin waistline.

Pick Shirts that Fit

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If you want to look good and feel comfortable in your clothing, you need to buy clothes that fit you well. A shirt that is even one size too large or too small can make for an unflattering appearance.

Keep your body measurements in check by measuring your key features and writing down the exact numbers. The good thing about today’s modern world is that most websites have a detailed sizing guide that you can use to pick the designer womens tops that fit you perfectly. In case the sizes tend to run bigger or smaller, you can find helpful reviews from past customers for more information.

One mistake I see women make all the time is when they’re planning on losing weight, they tend to buy clothes in smaller sizes assuming these will fit after a few months. In these situations, my advice is to hold off major purchases for after you make a big change in your appearance.

Shop with your Existing Wardrobe in Mind

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Don’t just think twice, think three times before you impulse buy designer womens tops that look flattering on a picture or in a store window. Not every piece of clothing that you like will fit into your wardrobe.

Take a look at your personal style and the colour palette that’s present in your wardrobe to get inspiration for your next purchase. After all, you don’t want to buy a top that you’ll only wear once and then put it away for eternity.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a stylish top fit for any occasion, browse through the modern designer options that are ethically and sustainably made. They’re versatile enough to fit any fashion style. The natural materials that are used in these pieces will keep you comfortable whether you’re doing daily errands or enjoying a fun night-out with friends.