Light Your Garden and Make a Statement With the Right Mix of Outdoor Led Lights

The exterior you create represents your home as much as the interior since it’s the first thing anyone notices when they come to visit, or simply walk by. So, if you have spent hours and hours working on your garden (from growing and shaping the grass and planting flowers to investing in fountains and ponds), then it’s only natural that you would like to show off your masterpiece during the night as well. Luckily there are outdoor Led lights for gardens that can put emphasis on every detail in your garden from dusk till dawn.

Before you start planning where to place the lights, it’s essential to figure out what will the purpose of your LED lights actually be. Will you use them to create a romantic atmosphere for the late evening hours or maybe you simply want to illuminate the dark areas around your garden for better security and comfort? Or perhaps you want to accentuate your focal points, such as a fountain, trees or pond.

For example, if you have a bench in your yard and you want to illuminate it, you can place a pole next to it. Similarly if you have a pathway, you’d want to place small LED lights along both sides of the path since this can prevent lawn damage, make people feel more secure and show the way. Also remember that these light should be soft as not to cause strain on the eyes of those passing.

If you decide to accentuate a single object such as a fountain or an ornament, use multiple light sources, because using only one can create strong, sharp shadows that will ruin the aesthetics. Try placing outdoor Led lights on both left and right side of the ornament and experiment with angles and distance (you can use an LED flashlight at the night to see how it would look). You should also try experimenting with the colours of the light. For instance, if you use blue coloured lights, this can give off a moon-shine, mystical feel at night.

Apart from making your garden appear stunning, proper lighting can also increase the value of your property. According to professional real-estate agents, potentials buyers that rate garden lights as a must count up to 41%. Thus, should you come to a point of needing to sell your house, you can ensure that you are able to close a better deal.

Finally, statistics have shown that people who use garden lights actually get robbed less than those who leave dark patches of shadows in their yards. To add yet another layer of protection you can optimise your lights with motion sensors – this means that the lights will only turn on when there is movement near by. When a burglar enters your yard, the lights will sense their motion and turn on, and this can come off as a surprise and scare the intruder away.