Led Light Solutions: A Lovely Way To Illuminate Your Interior

Is your home one of the few that still sticks to incandescent or halogen bulbs? I know it can be hard to part with the yellowish hue you grew so accustomed to, but hey, the future is calling! And the future is bright because it’s completely illuminated by LED lights. Yes, LED light solutions are currently all the rage! And for very good reasons too. They are long lasting, sturdy, energy-efficient, and look wonderful in every interior setting. Considering this, I think it’s about time to get enlightened with LEDs!

First of all, unlike other bulbs, LEDs come in every colour available, ranging from cool whites to ultra violets and luscious blues. Looking for lighting that can give your space a wow factor? By fitting an LED control gear you can create a fabulous lighting scheme with colours that change or pulse. Besides making a room more lively, LEDs are also great in creating a calm atmosphere. Cool white LED bulbs that range around 5000 to 6000 Kelvins can best replicate natural daylight. This makes them a top choice for general ambient lighting, as well as task lighting for more focused work in offices and kitchens.

Besides the incredible colour palette, LED light solutions are also available in a myriad of designs. Cove lights, pendants, strips, downlights, under cabinet lights and more – there are plenty of ways to integrate LEDs in your home’s design. For instance, you can try highlighting architectural features such as ceiling logs or wall elements with LED strip lights. Recessed lights are great for creating an intimate atmosphere in the bedroom, while LED wall lights installed around the bathroom mirror can function as useful task lighting for putting on make up. If you want to highlight some artwork on your walls, try using LED uplights or downlights. And some lighting fixtures can even function as delightful décor elements, like wall sconces, for example.

If the many ways LEDs allow you to play with your imagination haven’t convinced you to include them in your interior lighting scheme, consider the following. LED light solutions are an investment that pays off significantly in the long haul. Even though they might be an expensive purchase initially, they use 75% less energy than conventional bulbs, allowing you to drastically reduce electricity bills. Moreover, LEDs can have exceptional durability. With proper care, a LED bulb can end up serving you up to 50 000 hours. Imagine not having to change a single light bulb for years! How cool is that!