LED Lenser Accessories: Get The Most Out of Your Device

If you love spending time outdoors and wandering around the Australian wilderness even long after the sun has set, then you certainly use torches quite a lot. And if you use torches a lot, then you must own a LED lenser or have at least heard about this popular brand. LED Lenser are the leading manufacturers of handy outdoor lighting devices offering a broad range of handheld flashlights as well as head torches. All of their products, no matter how diverse, are unbelievably powerful and have an exceptional life span.


But what’s even more unbelievable is that the same manufacturer offers state-of-the art LED Lenser accessories to push the capability of these devices even further. The range of accessories is just as varied as the people that use them, meaning everyone can enjoy an optimum experience with their flashlight. From chargers, rechargeable batteries and light filters to mounting systems, helmet and bicycle clamps – there are LED Lenser accessories for every conceivable use, and at a reasonable price too. Here are some of the most popular ones.

Floating Charge System

Floating charge systems are available for many LED Lenser models. The device is suitable for all kinds of wall installations and allows you to charge a torch wirelessly. The torch is safely held by the mount, but can be put into action in a single hand movement. This system can be charged by an USB interface on PCs or plugged into sockets or cigarette lighters in cars.

LED Lenser Universal Mounting Bracket

With the help of a universal mounting bracket, any handheld flashlight can be transformed in a hand-free device allowing for more freedom of movement. The bracket’s universal clip can secure any kind of flashlight to bicycles or rods.

Roll Protection and Filters

For any professional, roll protection is an essential accessory. By attaching it around your torch, this device prevents the light from rolling away when it hits an uneven surface. It also functions as bezel protection against scratches and abrasions. With the addition of colour filters on the front of the bezel you can easily get a different light colour depending on your needs. For instance, law enforcement professionals use red colour filters, while night hunters can benefit from a green coloured light.

Remote Pressure Switch

The remote pressure switch for LED Lenser is designed to silently switch on a flashlight from a short distance. As it does not make a distracting sound, the remote pressure switch is a n ideal tool for bird watching or hunting.

LED White Signal Cone

This plug-on accessory allows you to transform any LED Lenser into a highly visible, coloured beacon light. This makes it an ideal product for street or rail traffic controllers, police officers, hunters, pilots, or defence forces. With the White Signal Cone, you can always attract attention when needed.