Leather vs Fabric Corner Lounge – Cut Corners to the Right Decision

Finding the right corner sofa involves having to make one rather difficult decision. According to many interior designers, the sofa is the first thing we notice when entering a living room, which is why investing in one that has it all is worthwhile. The greatest dilemma that comes up has to do with the sofa’s material – lather or fabric, to be more precise. That being said, let’s see how each choice stands the test of the three most important aspects.


Gray Fabric Corner Lounge
When it comes to choosing the most comfortable option, you need to know that there are many factors, apart from the material, that can determine the comfort of corner lounges. These include the support system (the frames), the existing cushions and the extra cushions you may decide to add. However, the material does play the most important role. Between fabric and leather, fabric is definitely the more comfortable corner lounges option since it’s more pleasant to sit on. Leather absorbs heat pretty quickly which means that it will get warmer very fast when sitting on it which is not that comfortable, especially during the warmer period of the year. This is the main reason why so many homeowners put a throw over it, and if you think twice, why not just buy a fabric sofa lounge, right? Firmness is also something that adds to the feeling of comfort and in that aspect, nothing can beat leather, although it can sometimes be too firm, which is not a good thing.


leather corner lounge
When it comes to fabric, different types have different lifespan as not all of them are of the same quality. Consequently, higher quality materials last longer as they are more resistant to wear and tear and usually feature a stain-resistant finish, which is not the case with lower quality ones. However, nowadays there are many affordable yet quality stain removing solutions that can make the whole cleaning process a piece of cake, but only if the fabric is of premium quality, otherwise, you are risking having to change the sofa because of a wear and tear. In this case, lounge sofas made out of leather would be a better option for you. They are pretty easy to maintain and clean, and their only downside regarding maintenance is that they are more susceptible to damage caused by humidity and scratches.


There is no doubt that leather lounges have always been considered the most elegant and sophisticated option. However, times change and nowadays there are many manufacturers which have surpassed themselves in creating fabrics that can give the same level of sophistication, for a lower price with the added benefit of greater comfort.