What Makes Laminate the Ideal Flooring Solution for Your Kitchen

Is your desire to infuse your kitchen with the warmth and elegance of hardwood floors, but the maintenance and cost of real wood prevent you from creating your dream kitchen? Well, what if I told you that you can get the look of wood without wasting a lot of money and be worrying about regular maintenance? You can achieve all this by simply installing laminate flooring in kitchen, which mimics the texture of real wood, yet is superior to hardwood floors in terms of both durability and design.

In fact, the blend of aesthetics and durability is what makes laminate the ideal solution for any high traffic area in the house, be it for the kitchen, bathroom or living room. It’s designed to give your home a sturdy and sound walking surface that is highly resistant to stains and spills. This along with its resistance to scratches are the main reasons why more and more homeowners decide to install laminate flooring in kitchen.

Laminate owes its advanced features and lovely design to its unique construction. This is basically a synthetic flooring that consists of various layers designed to look just like real wood. On the bottom of the flooring there is a solid coating. This is the first layer which is designed to withstand moisture and prevent wrapping due to water damage. Next, comes the core layer which is made of sturdy fibreboard coated with resin that has the purpose to further enhance the moisture resistance of the flooring.

While the solid coating and core layer are the ones that make the floor planks so strong, the design layer is what gives them their gorgeous grain and colour. Besides hardwood, a laminate can also mimic the look of stone, tiles and metal, which means it can be designed to complement any home setting. Above the designer layer is the wear layer that provides protection against scratches and spills, so that the flooring can maintain its initial colour and texture.

There are many things that render laminate one of the best flooring solutions for any modern home, a price being one of them. Compared to hardwood flooring, a laminate is less expensive and comes in a wide range of designs. This means you can shop within your budget yet still choose something that best suits your interior design. Furthermore, this type of flooring is very easy to install since the planks are made to be installed with a click system where they snap together thus easily creating a sturdy and comfortable walking surface. The planks can be installed over various types of subfloors and you can even install them over your existing floor.