How to Take Care of Your Favourite Pair of Revos

Revo is a truly legendary brand. It was inspired by the universe and developed by NASA’s eminent astrophysicist and optical engineer – Dr Mitch Ruda. In 1982, Dr Ruda started working on a project that incorporated special coatings to protect satellite porthole windows from space radiation. A few years later, he used the same protective coatings developed by NASA on a pair of sunglasses and the rest is history.

Revo revolutionized the sunglasses market and quickly became popular among astronauts, sportsmen and celebrities. Nowadays, Revo sunglasses come in different styles and designs which are excellent for sports and outdoor adventures, but they also make a great pair of shades that will complement almost any style.

revo sunglasses become populatr - Everest

If you own a pair of Revos, you surely know that it was a smart investment and if you plan to get one you won’t regret it. However, the same as with any other sunglasses, you need to spend time searching for the perfect pair that offers the performance and style you need and suits the shape of your face. Plus, great quality comes at a higher price, so Revos aren’t cheap.

This is why you need to take proper care of your Revos if you want them to last longer.

Protect Them from the Elements of Nature

Revos will protect your eyes from the elements of nature. That’s their main purpose. They will boost your performance on the slopes and waters by reducing glare, eliminating harmful UV Rays and improving clarity. However, that doesn’t mean that extreme cold and heat can’t cause damage to your shades.

take care of revo sunglasses

Avoid leaving your sunglasses in the car in both summer and winter because extreme temperatures can distort the frames and the way your Revos fit. Plastic frames can expand or contract if exposed to excessive heat or cold for longer periods and this can further damage the lenses.

Handle Your Revos with Care

Revos are built to last, but this doesn’t mean that they’re indestructible. Make sure to always carry them in a protective case when you’re not wearing them. No matter how careful you are, there’s always that risk of dropping them, sitting on top of them or scratching the lenses with sharp objects, like keys in your purse or pockets. A hard, sturdy case is a must if you want to keep your sunglasses in a good shape for a long period.

You should also avoid wearing your shades on top of your head. Sure we all do this every once in a while and it’s a great look, but it can damage the nose pads and loosen the frames.

revo protective case

When it comes to cleaning your shades, only use a microfiber sunglass pouch or rinse them with soap and temperate water. Avoid using hot waters and harsh abrasives because they can damage the lenses.

Revamp Your Favorite Shades with Revo Replacement Lenses

No matter how good you are in taking care of your sunglasses, wear and tear can cause damage. If your Revo lenses are crazed, scratched or cracked, it will compromise their performance. Damaged lenses can cause discomfort and further problems with your eye health and eyesight. Moreover, scratched sunglasses aren’t the most stylish accessories no matter how expensive and trendy they are.

If your Revos are past their glory days, instead of throwing them away or keeping them in a drawer, consider lens replacement. Revo replacement lenses will make your shades look brand new and you won’t have to say goodbye to your favourite eyewear. Moreover, you’ll save money because this is a cheaper option than buying a new pair and you won’t waste precious time looking for another perfect fit.revo replacement lenses

However, you must be aware that Revo takes great pride in its polarization technology and protective coatings. A replacement Revo polarized lens should be as good as the original or even better for a genuine experience. Make sure you get your Revo lenses from a recognized retailer that can guarantee quality and performance.

If you opt for a replacement, you should first determine the model of your sunglasses then decide on the lens type and colour. A good Revo polarized lens should provide solid UV protection and ultimate clearness for an authentic feel. Also, it’s good to choose a lens that has an anti-scratch coating. This will ensure that you won’t have to replace them again in the near future.

Why the Quality of Replacement Lenses Matters?

It’s not easy to find Revo sunglasses replacement lenses that match Revo’s quality, but this is extremely important. A cheap low-quality lens can cause irreversible damage to your eyes, not just poor eyesight, but serious problems like eye cancer and even blindness.

Great optics are crucial in a pair of shades, so make sure you choose Revo sunglass lenses made from top-quality optical polyamide or glass for ultimate clarity. You’ll also need a superior UV block-out that can withstand the harsh Australian sun and protect your eyes.

If you opt for a polarized lens, you should also know that Italian and Japanese polarization technologies are considered the most effective in the optics industry. The last reason why the quality of replacement lenses matters is quite obvious. The lenses should be safe for your eyes.


Fun Fact

Did you know that one billion pairs of sunglasses are made each year and a lot of them end up in a landfill? By choosing replacement lenses instead of buying a new pair of shades every time you scratch them you aren’t only saving time and money, but you are also saving the environment.

Final Thoughts

Sunglasses aren’t just a stylish accessory, they’re a necessity. Especially when it comes to a brand like Revo. Saying farewell to such a great pair of shades is hard and this is why it’s extremely important to handle them with care. But don’t stress too much because if all else fails, you can always replace the lenses and rock your Revos for years to come.