How to Dress Your Baby Girl in the Winter to Keep Her Warm and Comfortable

Just because it’s summer, it’s not too early to start preparing for the upcoming winter. The cold days of the year are especially a burden for mums who don’t exactly know how to dress their little girls so they stay comfortable and snug.

Dressing little ones with consideration is crucial since they need more help with thermoregulation and can’t express how cold or hot they are. This also makes them more susceptible to colds and the flu, especially when the weather is cold. But, with the right set of baby girl clothes that are warm enough, plus suitable accessories, your bub will stay nice and toasty no matter whether at home, in the car, outside, or in the mall.

Always Choose One Extra Piece

A simple way of solving the “dressing my baby girl” puzzle is to use as many layers as you would use yourself and then add an extra piece. Still, this doesn’t mean overdressing her, which can dangerously increase her body temperature. If you wear a long-sleeved shirt with jeans, choose the same for her and add one additional layer like a lightweight and breathable undershirt or a long-sleeved bodysuit, and save the heavy coats for when it gets colder.

warmly dressed baby girl

The outer layers can have a stylish purpose too, so this is where you can invest in something fashionable. Buying a chic outer layer is cost-efficient since you don’t have to overspend on the rest. Some cute and trendy baby clothes for baby girls you can’t go wrong with are a classic trench coat, a quilted coat, and a soft knitted cardigan. These can come with all the cute details you would expect, like pleats, buttons, collars, and zippers.

In terms of helpful features, adjustable belts and removable collars and hoods for an added dose of warmth when needed are worth having. You may be tempted to get fancy snowsuits and bunting, but these are best left for the freezingly cold snowy days when you want to spend time outdoors with your little one.

Pay Attention to the Fabrics

Just like the choice of fabrics is important when dressing your baby girl in summer, consider the fabrics in winter clothing to ensure you select the very best.

While on the hot days of the year you want to have something airy and loose, on the cold days you require something that would keep her snug and warm. Start with the base layer like the onesies, and choose items made from natural fabrics that are soft to the skin. These can be 100% organic cotton or bamboo which is known for its thermoregulating and breathable properties.

baby girl in white jumpsuit

Wool is another option, especially merino. Merino is ideal for insulation and doesn’t cause skin irritation as it’s soft quite like the previous two alternatives.

When it comes to the additional layers of baby clothes for girls such as long-sleeved shirts, jumpsuits, sweaters, cardigans, or coats, you can choose natural or even synthetics like polyester and nylon blends for adding warmth. Fleece is also great in keeping her toasty on those frigid days, especially as a mid-layer or accessories like hats or gloves.

Do Some Layer Removal When Necessary

One of the reasons why layering up is a great solution is because you can remove layers depending on the conditions. To ensure your bub stays comfortable, you won’t have to continuously check her temperature on the back, stomach, and armpits, but rather remember to choose the layers depending on the environment.

If you pick clothes for baby girl, such as a puffy coat, a hat, or mittens as the top layer, remember to remove them when going back indoors, whether it’s your home, the mall, or some family’s home. Always think that if it’s hot for you inside with the outer layers, it’s also too hot for her. The car is another place where those extras may be a burden, especially because your baby is going to be in her car seat that’s already warm.

Besides this, wearing puffy layers in the car can be dangerous since they prevent seat straps from fitting snugly. So, what you should do instead is remove the outer layer and let the other layers do the job. If the car heating doesn’t do much, you could also count on the help of a blanket. This way she’ll be both safely seated and warm. A fleece-lined stroller bag that’s easy to zip up is another place where you can let the blanket do the insulating.