How to Clean and Sanitise Baby Bottles

When preparing for a baby, buying baby clothes might be some of the first things on your mind since it’s so fun.  But let’s not forget about the less glamorous items like baby feeding products. This goes mainly for bottles, especially for those babies who are on formula. Stocking with at least four bottles is essential, so you can always have a clean milk bottle throughout the day. 

The most important thing you need to know about baby bottles is that they need to be cleaned and sanitised properly. Otherwise, you risk exposing your child to potential dangers.

The Risks of Unsanitised Feeding Bottles

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We all know how tiny and fragile newborns are. Well, the truth is that their immune system is still developing which explains the reason why they are prone to colds and stomach bugs. Keeping babies safe and away from viruses and bacteria is essential during this period which is why cleaning and sanitising baby bottles properly is paramount. In fact, doing this for at least up the little one turns one is essential since the risk of rotavirus and cronobacter infections is high. 

In fact, it’s said that in Australia, there are around 10 000 hospitalisations and one death per year in children under 5 because of rotavirus. So, in other words, the importance of sanitising baby bottles and cleaning them properly is paramount.

How to Clean Baby Bottles Properly?

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Have a Separate Container

The first thing you need to do is to reassemble the bottle in order to clean each part properly. Once you do this, you should rinse every part under running water in order to remove any milk/formula. For the next cleaning procedure, you will need a container that you will use only for the baby bottles. You can use either plastic, stainless steel or some other types of material, as long as it’s safe to be used. Make sure the chosen container is dishwasher safe in order to be sure that it’ll be completely clean for use.

Have a Clean Long-Handled Brush

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The next important tool for cleaning baby bottles is a bottle cleaning brush. It’s essential to get special bottle brushes because they can clean difficult to reach spots that normal sponges can’t. All of this is possible thanks to their long handle and flexible bristle head. 

When in the search for the right bottle brushes, you can choose between silicone and plastic ones. Silicone bottle brushes are more flexible, softer and almost impossible to scratch bottles which is not the case with plastic bristle brushes. Functional, convenient and easy to use, these brushes are fundamental in the cleaning process. In fact, they are the tools that can help you get rid of all milk residue and prevent any kind of bacteria, germs or viruses to survive in the bottle. Just like when choosing a container, when in the search for the right cleaning brushes, make sure to choose ones that are made of safe food-grade silicone. 

The best of all is that silicon bottle brushes can be easily sanitised which makes them even more appropriate for such use. You can either toss them in the dishwasher or clean and sanitise them manually with the help of a proper cleaning product and hot boiling water. Once you don’t need them anymore, you can repurpose and use them for cleaning some of your kitchen utensils and bottles.

Unlike other brushes that need to be replaced on a monthly basis, the silicone ones can be used the longest as long as you clean and sanitise them regularly.

Soak Them in Soapy Water

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After you have your container and brush, fill it with hot soapy water, dip in the bottles and start scrubbing them on the inside. Make sure that you have cleaned all of the bottle sides so you can have peace of mind that there will be no sign of any bacteria or residue in the bottle. Once done, rinse the parts thoroughly under running water (if possible hotter) and dry them on a clean towel or paper towel.

When in the search for the right dish soap, you can always choose the ones that are specifically designed for baby products as they are gentler and don’t contain any harsher chemicals.

How to Sanitise Baby Bottles?

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The easiest and quickest way to sanitise is by placing water bottles and all other baby products in hot boiling water for at least 5 minutes. You can also sanitise them in the dishwasher on a hot-water cycle, as long as the products are dishwasher safe. Sanitising them in the microwave is also possible, and the only thing you need to do is to fill the bottles with water and put them in the microwave for about 3 minutes.