How to Choose the Best Loose Lay Vinyl Flooring

When it comes to choosing the right type of flooring for our homes we might get overwhelmed by the vast amount of options available on the market. Some people find different types of flooring appealing, however, selecting the right one for your home will mostly depend on several factors including your budget and preferences.

Nowadays, the demand for loose lay vinyl flooring has started to grow in popularity thanks to the durability, ease of maintenance, durability, and scratch resistance properties this type of flooring offers. Before we dive into the specific feature you should consider before deciding to purchase loose lay floor tiles, let’s give you a general description of this product’s best qualities for those of you who’ve never heard about it.

What Are Loose Lay Vinyl Floors? 

home library loose lay vinyl floor

What makes loose lay vinyl different from other flooring products on the market is that this type of flooring doesn’t require any fasteners, adhesives, or groove and tongue mechanisms to hold the planks in place. Its planks are essentially thick vinyl rectangles with rubber backing, which ones laid down, create a perfectly smooth flat surface. It can be even installed on top of existing floors, which is another reason why it’s so popular. This makes it a modern, highly practical, and truly versatile material for people who prefer a good design in conjunction with great comfort and durability.

Thanks to the many technological advancements, this type of flooring has evolved to become one of the most realistic flooring types resembling wood. It’s even reached the stage where some people find it hard to differentiate a vinyl plank floor from a real timber floor.

Features to Consider Before Choosing to Install Loose Lay Vinyl

Now that we gave you some general description of this type of flooring, let’s go in-depth into some of the features you should consider before deciding to invest in this kind of flooring.


Loose Lay Vinyl Floors installation

As mentioned before loose lay floor tiles are very easy to install, as you don’t need any kind of glue, staple, or any other type of grooving mechanism to fit this type of flooring into the proper position. This makes it one of the easiest flooring options for installation, as it doesn’t take very long to be properly installed. Plus, it is just as easy to be removed and reinstalled somewhere else. For instance, if you are changing your living place you can take your flooring with you, which will also help you to save some money. This is a rare benefit as this is not the case with some other types of floors.


dark brown loose lay vinyl floor tiles

When it comes to the choice of design, there is a wide variety of options you can choose from. Ranging from contemporary oak to smooth walnuts loose lay vinyl floor tiles can add unique ambience and homey appearance to any place that they’re being installed. Besides, loose lay vinyl can imitate the look of numerous types of wood flooring and even ceramic which additionally speaks about its versatile character.

Absorbs Sound

Another major advantage is that loose lay vinyl planks are highly effective in absorbing sound, which makes them ideal for installing in places that may require noise reduction, such as movie theatres or nursery rooms.


durable vinyl flooring

On top of being highly moisture resistant, this material is known to possess exceptional durability. This type of flooring will last you for many years as long as you treat it with care. It stands up well to heavy foot traffic and offers enough cushioning which makes it very comfortable underfoot, and a perfect solution for owners who have little kids or pets. These qualities make vinyl loose lay floor tiles perfect for use at homes or in some other commercial areas, such as offices or shopping malls.


Moreover, this type of flooring doesn’t expand and contract like other types of flooring due to its moisture-resistant properties. This feature makes it very beneficial for homeowners as it can be used for areas that are exposed to water such as kitchen, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and basements.

Ease of Maintenance

vinyl floor tiles

Loose lay vinyl is easy to be maintained. It just requires regular vacuuming, sweeping, or mopping to keep it clean and in good condition for many years.


Since it is one of the easiest flooring options to be installed and maintained you can even decide to install it yourself. However, if you decide on professional assistance, you will also pay less as it’s pretty affordable and doesn’t require much time for the installation. Compared to some other types of flooring, it is relatively inexpensive and offers a great value for the price.