Home Elevator Maintenance Tips – How to Keep Your Lift Running Smoothly

Having a home elevator can be a costly but very convenient solution for old people or someone with mobility issues. However, in order for it to properly function and serve you for years, it’s important that you take good care of it. And that’s why I am here today – the following maintenance tips will prevent any major system failures and it will help you save some money on costly and unnecessary repairs.


Closely listening to how your elevator sounds when in use and checking whether or not it jolts or if it aligns with the floor can help you detect any potential issues. In most cases, if you notice that there is some issue, your best bet is calling professionals to do the needed home elevator maintenance and repair since most issues require technical skills. Even if you have the right tools, and you think you know how to get the job done, my advice is to leave this matter in the hands of professionals as you can easily do more harm than good.

Sometimes performing home elevator maintenance may only be a preventative measure, if you notice any irregularities in the operation of the elevator. There are certain things you can do on your own, though, like checking the backup battery which most modern home elevators have or taking a look at the circuit breaker. The backup battery is needed in case of a power outage, so keeping it in working condition is of paramount importance.

Don’t Overload It

The weight limit stated on your home elevator is there for a reason, so making sure you don’t go over the allowed limit is important because doing so will put a lot of strain on the elevator. This may not affect the operation of the elevator straight away, but over time it can cause permanent damages which can cost you a lot more than replacing certain parts before disaster strikes. Overloading could also break your elevator making it completely unusable – take multiple trips if you have to move several heavy items, instead of trying to make it in one go.

Industrial Cleaners

When it comes to keeping your elevator clean, try to avoid cleaning solutions which contain harsh chemicals, like industrial cleaners. This is especially important when it comes to internal mechanisms as the chemicals can make the parts corrode and shorten their lifespan. For this part of home elevator maintenance, it’s best that you consult with the supplier or a reliable local elevator repair company beforehand.