Green Thumb Up: Keep Plants Healthy and Maintenance Low with Beautiful Self Watering Planters

I really cannot believe how fast the world changes when it comes to technology and all kinds of inventions that just make one’s life easier. Cell phones were hilariously giant, computers were way bulkier, cars were slow and gardening was such a tiring job that you could not even think of it as a hobby. I can still recall my granny’s words: “A hobby? What? Take that shovel and help me out, we’ve got work to do!”

Modern day society has so many advantages, and life in general has become better and easier in so many ways, especially when it comes to gardening. Technology and knowledge in this field have developed to a great extend, and nowadays we can enjoy growing our very own veggies and herbs without wasting too much time, particularly when using garden self watering planters.

These planters are the real deal for a home garden because they are so easy to use and make for no mess. They are designed in such a way that the water stays at the bottom of the pot in a reservoir and the plants get just the right amount of moisture they need so you don’t have to worry about how much water you have to put on a daily basis. Plus, this structure ensures there’s no water leakage which saves you the time you would otherwise spend on cleaning around the pots.

Another important benefit of using garden self watering planters is that the soil remains healthy. Good quality self watering planters feature drainage system that allows the water to easily pass through the potting mix. This allows the roots to breathe and get all the required nourishment from the soil thus ensuring that the nutrients remain within the soil itself instead of them going out of the pot with the water. What’s more, healthy soil means less or no pesticides at all! Experienced gardeners know what I am talking about.

Since these planters allow you to add water to the container once a week only, or even once in ten days, you can enjoy the benefit of going on a holiday without having to worry that your plans will die or having someone assigned to take care of them. And finally, if your worried whether they’ll fit in your existing design, the makers of this invention also had this in mind and for that reason these planters feature a sleek look and clear lines that can fit almost any type of surroundings.