FXD: Comfortable and Hard-Wearing Workwear

Leather and metal were the first materials used to make heavy-duty workwear clothing. And the professions of blacksmithing and masonry were the first to see the use of workwear made from these two materials. Workwear culture has come a long way since then, and today you can pick from a plethora of designs for all kinds of professions from construction to farm work.

Throughout the years workwear transcended in different work environments with various brands offering it too. One such brand that has significantly influenced modern workwear culture is FXD. While most types of workwear are made only with function in mind, FXD has taken that to the next level as they produce functional and protective clothing at their core but always with an attractive design. Their name is synonymous for their end goal as it stands for ‘Function by Design’.

FXD work clothes

Popular Workwear Items by FXD

If you want to stay protected and comfortable on the job, while also looking good in case you need to meet with current or potential clients on site, the stylish and functional FXD work clothes should be your go-to choice. Of all the workwear pieces the brand produces, the following ones ar currently the most popular.


The WP stands for work pants and these FXD pants can be a hard-working tradie’s new best friend. The WP-1 FXD pants are both extremely durable and strong whilst offering a more modern narrow fit that will flatter your body. These pants can get away with this type of narrow fit because they are made of flexible and comfortable fabrics. And thanks to Duratech reinforcing the pockets and heels you get a well-rounded pair of trousers.


If you’re doing the old hard yakka in the hot scorching sun, the WS-2 work shorts are something to look for. These have a shorter cut than your usual work shorts which makes them ideal for climbing ladders safely. Due to their design, there’s no risk that they will get caught on something, causing you to fall. You also get a handy ruler pocket, belt loops and Duratech reinforcing.

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If you want a more premium pair of work shorts go with FXD’s WS-1. Although considered to be the shorter version of the WP-1, the WS-1 are made to be worn all year round. They feature triple stitched seams, bar-tacked stress points, stretch back yoke and a combination ruler/ tool pocket.


The SK-1 are work socks that will stop your search of a new pair of rugged but snug socks. FXD’s SK-1 are for tradies that are constantly on the go. Not too heavy and not too light, these socks go well with any kind of boots. They are also breathable while offering enough insulation to prevent your feet from freezing in the cold weather.


The work pant auto is well-known as the 888 racing pant. These are made specifically for working in the automotive industry. The WP-A are made of high-quality stretch cotton and Lycra twill. They combine comfort and durability to give you the best of both worlds. These FXD work clothes can be industrially laundered and come with one concealed cargo pocket together with extra belt loops.


If you want something more visually appealing and modern than the WP-1 and WP-A, then the WD-1 work denim pants are your best option. Although these are work jeans, they are still flexible as well as durable. With heaps of stretch made of quality materials, the WD-1 also comes with practical kneepad pockets.


The WD-2 jeans were made by popular demand and this upgrade from the WD-1 is made of the same type of denim with one exception. They look less like your traditional work pant. They still do have the same level of comfort as the WD-1 but without the kneepad pockets.

Workwear Clothes

What to Look for in Workwear Clothes

Whether you plan to buy FXD workwear or explore the range of some other brand, these are some things to have in mind.


If you want a comfortable workwear outfit then cotton duck is the material you should go for. Denim is even more comfortable but less durable than cotton duck. If you want to stay warm when working outdoors, workwear clothes made from flannel are a must. Blending with synthetics such as polyester and nylon is used commonly in workwear clothes to enhance the properties and features of certain fabrics.


You should look for heavy-duty zippers in workwear clothes as these last longer even under more demanding conditions. For extra strength, you should look for FXD clothing with rivets and bar tacks placed at common stress points. Rivets are usually at the corners of the front pockets. Bar tacks reinforce stress points with the use of parallel stitches.

If you need protection from open flames, then heat and flame resistant garments are a must. These types of items are speciality clothing that is used by workers who work near sparks, such as welders, or in close proximity of fires. For more durable FXD workwear clothes go for those with triple stitching. These types of stitches are placed along every major seam allowing you to continue working safely even if one of the stitches blows out.