Foot Pain: Treat Your Feet With TLC

As modern day people, I find it fascinating how easy it is for us to get distracted. Sure, sometimes distraction can be good, especially if you’re living a rather stressful day to day life, so it’s not unusual to take things for granted, including something as essential as our feet that we put through all the pressure.

While it’s crucial that we take relaxation more seriously, along with making foot massaging part of our relaxing routines to call it a day, it’s just as important to give comfort and our feet some more credit. For start, it’s good to invest in quality shoes, such as Propet shoes, and ditch any pair that brings us discomfort, like high heels and flip flops.

Propet are known for their ingenious design, engineered for comfort which can be seen through the top-notch materials they use, in the example of leather and EVA midsole, resulting in shoes that are rough on the outside yet soft on the inside, having the much-needed external sturdiness that makes them durable, and internal breathability, keeping the feet comfortable and dry.

This means they’re great for protecting from the weather as well as from sweat, so there’s no room for bacteria, the odour they produce or the annoying athlete’s foot. Also, Propet shoes are ideal for arch-support, spreading weight evenly thanks to the design of the midsole and apart from easing off fatigue, they help with the improvement of posture too.

Okay, getting the adequate shoes is a must but don’t leave it at that when it comes to the health of your feet and body as a whole. If you work sitting most of the working hours, it’s advisable to acquire ergonomic accessories in the likes of foot rests.

They’re created to provide you with relaxation, changing the position of the feet and exercising while you sit, circling with the ankles and moving the feet up and down, something that’s bound to improve blood circulation, and when discomfort is gone, you can expect to become more alert and productive.

It’s also important to stretch the feet whenever you can to ease off the tension you put them through every day, and as mentioned earlier in the post, it’s good to treat yourself with a massage when possible, soaking the feet in warm water with essential oils first.

You might not like this last aspect but getting overweight is another reason for foot discomfort, so be sure to keep your weight in balance!