How to Find the Perfect Shoes for Wide Feet

Nothing can ruin a perfectly good day like spending it in bad shoes. Unfortunately, when you have wide feet, it’s almost impossible to find the pair of shoes that will perfectly fit you. And I know this from personal experience. Growing up, I had a really hard time finding shoes that not only suited my wide feet but also looked nice. After years of settling for the ugly orthopedic selection, I’ve gained enough knowledge to be able to find pairs that feel comfortable and are super stylish as well. To help my fellow Fred Flinstones out there, here are some tips on finding mens wide walking shoes.

The Special Wide Range Is a Good Place to Start

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Want to save yourself from the heartbreak of finding a pair of shoes you really like but don’t fit? Then narrow your choice specifically down to one range. Some Australian stores offer a special section of mens wide walking shoes, so the best place to start would be there. This way, you won’t need to waste any time looking at models that won’t actually fit you. And when you come across shoes that fit perfectly and that you really like, record their shape, size and brand name. And don’t forget where you’ve found them. Knowing where to purchase wide shoes is setting yourself up for pleasant future shopping experiences.

Choose an Adjustable Design

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Sometimes, even regular shoes can fit our wide feet. How? If you properly adjust them, of course. Sandals with velcro straps, trainers, and boots and shoes with laces are types of adjustable footwear allowing you to tighten or loosen them accordingly. These types of footwear can suit most feet, regardless of wide or narrow. Oh, and I almost forgot – make sure to avoid slip-ons. No matter how convenient you think they are, slip-ons will make your feet slide forward and crowd in the toe box.

Look for Features that Promise Comfort

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Besides avoiding slip-ons, you also need to be wary of pointy shoes. The simple reason – they will make your toes crowd and rub together which is a sure way to get blisters. On the other hand, shoes with wider toe boxes will make more room for your toes and allow your feet to breathe better. What’s more, check whether the shoes have a soft upper that will easily conform to the shape of your feet. For a stable base, look for a wider sole and supportive insoles that will absorb the shock and stress from walking.

If You Have the Money, Go for Custom-made

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And finally, if you have the budget, you can totally hire a shoe manufacturer and have your shoes custom made. This is also a great choice for those of you with unique tastes and who can never seem to find anything they like.