Explaining the Different Types of Crochet Hooks

Crocheting is a hobby which you can easily pursue in the comfort of your home. The feeling of creating something from scratch is what makes this hobby so interesting. With the help of different types of yarn, crochet hooks and accessories, you can create pieces in different colours and styles. Today, there is a plethora of crochet hook types you can choose from for your next project. They all vary in their material, length, size and shape.

crochet hooks and accessories
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Types of Crochet Hooks


When choosing a crocheting style and looking for practical crochet hooks and accessories, you’re bound to come across Tunisian crochet. As you might have guessed, for this style of crocheting are used Tunisian crochet hooks, also known as an afghan crochet hook. This is a unique type of crochet, using a completely different array of stitches as opposed to normal crochet. These hooks are longer because you need to work with multiple loops and stitches at the same time and you need extra length. These hooks can be found in different thicknesses and lengths, and you can also choose them with or without a cable.


These crochet hooks are built with comfort in mind as they have large handles that are easy to grip. They reduce the strain in your hands as you grip a small hook for a longer period. You can find them in a range of sizes, from 0.6mm to the largest.


This is a long crochet hook which has a small hole at one end of the hook. You thread a piece of yarn through the hole, so you can create stitches that look like knitting, but with a single crochet hook rather than with knitting needles. In fact, knooking combines aspects of knitting and crochet for patterns that are similar, yet somehow different from both crafts.

Steel crochet hooks
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Steel crochet hooks are usually the smallest set of crochet hooks and range in sizes from 0.6mm to 3.5mm. They are designed for lace crochet and for making super fine patterns or designs like dollies or tablecloths. Thanks to their size, these crochet hooks create beautiful, delicate, and intricate stitches. Being made from steel, they’re easy to grip and don’t slip when you are working with them.


These are the smoothest crochet hooks and they have a natural warmth in them. They can be either machine- or hand-carved and fashioned from different types of wood, including bamboo, birch and rosewood. When buying a wooden crochet hook, be aware of the finish of the hook and choose one with a smooth finish so that it doesn’t snag your wood.

Crochet hooks plastic
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Crochet hooks made of plastic are light, hollow, and comfortable to hold. This makes them perfect for extreme crochet or when you’re crocheting something bulky like a blanket as they don’t put that much strain on the wrists.

Wondering what kind of crochet hooks are best for beginners? Well, since plastic crochet hooks are the most lightweight type, they are usually the most recommended for beginners. You can find them in all the common sizes as well as jumbo hooks.


Crochet hooks are measured in millimetres. The size is based on the thickness of the shaft or cylinder, which is in fact, what establishes the size of the stitches. Finding the right size for a crochet hook is important because it determines your crochet’s gauge. Larger hooks produce a bulkier, more open weave, while smaller ones make finer and tighter crochet. Patterns and yarn always suggest what size hook you should use. However, you may switch to a different size in order to achieve the correct gauge.

Types of Tips

Even though all crochet hooks have a hook at the tip, the hook style still varies. Hence, there are two main types of tips: in-line and tapered. The first ones look like a cylinder with a notch cut out to form the hook, and the hook itself is in line with the handle or shaft. The second type of hook is more rounded at the tip which extends just past the handle or shaft. Regardless of what type you choose, always be sure to slide your stitches all the way onto the shaft portion of the hook so they’re the correct size.

Other Accessories

Crochet Hook Case

These cases are usually compact, bok-style, cotton fabric cases. They are completely enclosed with a zipper. Inside they have rows of labelled pockets where you can hold your circulars, notions, and other accessories.

Stitch Markers
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Stitch Markers

These markers are used to mark certain stitches in a project. For instance, you can use them to mark the first stitch if you’re crocheting in a round or mark a stitch that you’ll need to return to at a later point in the pattern.

Yarn Needles

Yarn needles are larger than sewing needles and usually have a more dull point. They are used to finish off the project and weave in any loose ends.
Buttons, Safety Eyes, Pom Poms, Ribbons
These fun accessories can be added to your finished project. You can freely use them in any way you like.