Enchant Your Summer Wardrobe and Channel Your Inner Sienna Miller With Exotic Tones and Dreamy Styles

Spring and summer are the seasons of the year when nature is all awakening, and people, are walking into the outside world and enjoying the daily rays of sunshine. One way to truly enjoy this change of season is to make sure you feel good in your skin by wearing things that you like and are comfortably fitting.

And since we mentioned summertime, vacation is probably another thing you have in mind right now. This is a time that, although usually shorter than what you’d want it to be, is the opportunity you need to take advantage of completely. So, what are the must-haves for a woman who wants to feel luxurious, fashionable, festive, and most importantly of all, comfortable and free during the warm days?

You Deserve a Luxurious Resort Style Clothing

Luxurious clothing is not just something that you need to spend a lot of money on. While there is nothing wrong with treating yourself to expensive pieces, quality and the right fit are two aspects that deserve utmost attention besides aesthetics. The solution to this comes in the form of breathable and colourful summer-themed resort wear meant to give you the most elegant silhouette during the hottest months of the year.

resort wear
source: jetsetter.com

Every woman needs to have a resort dress she can wear multiple ways. Just like with summertime scarfs, you want to be able to wrap it around your waist at the pool party, cover your hair when the sky is beaming down on you, etc. A good resort dress is versatile, flowy, keeps you cool and has a specific themed pattern which you can accent even further with shoes, a purse, headscarf, or jewellery.

Generally speaking, resort is a style of clothing that is dressier than casual, but not as formal as the typical business codes. The resort-style clothing is meant to be lightweight and relaxing. Even if not on vacation, a dress in this style brings the vacation to you. You deserve to adorn yourself with a garment that can be worn from your casual lunch at the pool through dreamy hot summer sunsets, cocktail party, or a nice romantic dinner.

From Curvy to Athletic: A Swimsuit for Your Body Type

Once you get your dreamy and exotic summer garment, you must decide what you’re going to wear under it. You’re probably still thinking of your upcoming summer vacation so a swimsuit seems appropriate, if not the most fashionable underwear you can have under your summer dress.

The key to the perfect swimsuit worn beneath your stylish resort wear is balancing your proportions and getting the coverage you want. If you want to cover more, look for a clean-skirted bottom that falls just below the largest part of the upper leg. A low-cut neckline or eye-catching top or necklace draws the eye upward if that’s the effect you like to achieve.

Then you have the strappy one-piece that is still showing skin on the belly and the back, so they still do feel like bikinis. These are great for optically extending your figure. A good rule of thumb, if you want to give your chest a little boost, is to look for tops with details such as ruffles or additional swimsuit detailing. Or you can simply go for tie-front alternatives.

Bring Along Your Most Comfortable Summer Shoes

summer shoes
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The second best thing next to a summer dress for women is any soft, flat-heeled footwear like summer sandals. Mostly brown, beige and black, they are a tried and tested combination with all other spring and summertime essentials previously mentioned.

You’ve probably considered ropy or leather sandals that tie up around your leg and are super flattering for any daytime dress or any little black dress you want to hop in for a night out. If you are more interested in adding some height, wedge sandals are your best friend when it comes to adding a few extra inches of height without losing all of that comfort your feet require. Wedge sandals look cute and are sophisticated enough to be combined with any of your designer resort wear.

Back-up Clothing for The Hottest Summer Days

We’ve all heard that drinking plenty of water, wearing lots of sunscreen, protective eyewear, hats, scarfs, and clothes in bright colours during the summer months is the best way to reduce the UV rays’ effect on us. This is why I’d like to serve as a reminder to bring along a comfortable and lightweight shirt and shorts made of cotton in bright colours, preferably white so that you can make the best out of your activities during your vacation such as shopping.

Also, let’s not forget flip-flops. Another most comfortable and lightweight pair of shoes you need to bring along during your summer vacation. They go perfectly even with fancy resort wear during those days of decompression when all you wanna do is drink lemonade and glance around the beach where there are smiling faces and the long-awaited ocean breeze soothing your senses.

The Crown of Every Outfit: Jewellery

source: cliqueinc.com

As the weather starts to warm, we begin to break out our favourite neck-showing tops. The opportunities to experiment with new and playful layers of bling are endless. Break out of your everyday winter routine and embrace the whimsical colours and fresh designs of stacking pendant necklaces.

When finishing off your outfit and adding the final touches, an anklet could be a simple and easy addition to any look. This bold piece of jewellery adds extra feminine sensuality to your summer wardrobe. Rings are other favourite pieces of precious metal and if you’re into this new trend of stacking them as much as I am, then we can all agree that summertime is not for minimalism. At least not when it comes to rings. They not only make your hands look better, but any nail colour just works better with bling.