Dreamy Ways to Decorate Your Backyard with Lovely Sun Loungers

Soon it will be that time of the year again. Yes, I promise you, summer is just around the corner, just a little while and the grass will get greener. And while daydreaming of warmer and sunnier days, let’s discuss backyard design schemes. But not grass designs, maintenance, or whatever boring thing that came to your mind, but sun loungers! Yes, the divine piece of outdoor furniture that makes life better.

If you don’t have one, you better get one – you are missing out on a lot of chillax moments while drinking your second mojito and thinking about all the good things the future holds for you. Or just gossiping with your best friends. And while daydreaming about daydreaming, let’s start turning dreams into reality. Let’s take a look at some lovely ideas on how to place your wooden sun loungers for the ultimate blissful experience by the pool.

In-Pool Lounging

You know how sometimes you get too hot and just have to immediately take a dip while sun lounging by the pool? Well, you can have the best of both worlds and simply place your waterproof lounge chairs at the beginning of the pool. This is an ultra modern touch which is perfect for shallow infinity pools and takes your experience to the next level.

The Classic Style

Don’t you just love nautical designs and themes? Paired with plush navy blue cushions and nautical themed throw pillows, wooden sun loungers look ultra relaxing and can instantly transform your backyard into the ultimate oasis. Their frame wheels and side table pullout just add an extra touch of functionality and utility to their already heavenly design.

Modern, Sleek Style

Modern Sun Lounger

I love how modern, swirl shaped loungers can instantly spice up a boring backyard. The curved shape of these chairs curves around the natural shape of the body and gives you a super comfortable lounging experience. Their swirly shape makes things interesting and their sleek design makes your backyard crisp and classy.

Banana Rockers

Think banana shaped wooden sun loungers with cream coloured cushioning gracefully posing by your poolside. It is easy to style up with these cute pieces of outdoor furniture as with their unique and bold shape you won’t not need other furniture to add variety to your pool side. Luscious greenery and a dark bottomed pool are all the accessories you need for a super modern mix of colours.