Dog Care 101: A Guide to Must-Have Professional Grooming Supplies

Over the past ten years, there had been a significant increase in the number of households with pets. In this regard, Australia continues to have one of the highest rates of dog ownership among households worldwide, at 62%.

These staggering numbers and a robust economy have created tremendous chances for the dog grooming sector. Starting a dog grooming business is a terrific idea if you’re one of the many people who like animals and want to turn your passion into a career.

Professional Grooming Must-Haves for Dogs

must have grooming tools

You’ll need the right pet shop grooming supplies in your arsenal to run your business successfully and accommodate a wide range of clientele. Professional groomers employ tried-and-true, robust tools for canine grooming that can withstand repeated usage for everything from de-shedding to eye, ear, and odour control.

To look, feel, and smell their best, all dogs require routine coat maintenance. Even the supposedly hypoallergenic breeds gain from routine grooming, nail trimming, and oral care. Breeds of dogs with long hair and those with double, curly, or other unique coats will require more frequent grooming, as well as possibly some specialized tools.

Groomers also tend to know what works, not just what’s trendy on the market. In light of this, we have compiled a list of must-have pet grooming supplies you’ll want on hand when you open up your doors.

Grooming Table

Besides having the essential dog accessories you’ll need a comfy area for the dog to stand on so you can attend to their needs when grooming them. A grooming table is what is used for this purpose, and choosing a good one might mean the difference between a simple, quick grooming session and a messy, time-consuming one.

Dogs can be kept in one place by using a tether that can be attached to grooming tables. Some of them even collapse, which is fantastic if you want to take your grooming business on the road.

The most durable, steel-framed table includes non-skid feet and a non-slip countertop for added security, and it can support up to 300 pounds. Furthermore, quality ones feature an integrated basket that keeps all of the grooming items within easy reach.

Bathing Station

When you groom a dog, one of the first things you’ll need to do is remove all the dirt and debris that have accumulated in their coat between grooming sessions. The best way to accomplish this is with a traditional bath, so a bathing station is one of the top pet shop grooming supplies you should invest in.

There are still some professional groomers who like to wash dogs in a regular sink, which is wrong since their fur will eventually clog your drain and harm your pipes. Instead, invest in a sizable dog tub with a hose hook-up that can handle weights of up to 250 pounds.

Shampoo and Conditioner

dog's shampoo

The products you use on your dog clients will allow you to make them look great when you return them. And, the more attractive they are, the more likely their owners are to schedule additional sessions with you.

Therefore, when ticking shampoo and conditioner off your list of dog grooming items, make sure you search for a wide selection of dog-safe flea shampoos, de-shedding shampoos, white coat products, and excellent conditioners.

Another important practice is to ask your clients every time whether their pets have any skin sensitivities you need to be aware of!

Ear and Eye Cleaning Kits

The eyes and ears of a dog are particularly prone to dirt and grime. This residue, if improperly cleaned, might cause an infection!

You should prepare to be able to meet those needs if you want to run a successful dog grooming business. To make cleaning a dog’s eyes and ears as simple and secure as possible, buy tools or kits that are specially made for the purpose.

Even purchasing specialized eye drops to shield your dog’s eyes from shampoo or conditioner runoff is an option.

Combs and Brushes

Different dog breeds have different fur. To achieve the greatest results, you’ll need to utilize several brushes and combs depending on the coat. Slicker brushes are used by professional groomers to remove dead hair buildup, which significantly improves your dog’s coat lustre and minimizes shedding. To perform grooming tasks safely and comfortably, choose a model with a soft-grip handle.

Additionally, you’ll need both wire and nylon combs. Any pet supply store will sell dog combs, but experienced groomers prefer these stainless-steel ones because they are simple to clean. To get rid of mats, knots, loose hair, and filth, use them on dogs with long hair.

Grooming Shears

grooming shears

You’ll need top-notch shears if you want to trim a dog’s hair. In this case, spending more money on more durable, a costlier pet grooming supply will pay off in the long run.

Nothing is more frustrating for a dog groomer than trying to complete a grooming session using dull shears. Avoid falling into that trap by ensuring your shears have an excellent rating.

Moreover, ordinary scissors aren’t perfect for a quality coat-care regimen and aren’t sharp or accurate enough to safely clip your dog’s fur. For that reason, invest in professional grooming shears that have ergonomic handles and stainless-steel blades. They can be used to cut precisely around a dog’s toes, ears, and other regions.

Stripping Knife

Traditional shears shouldn’t be used to trim the hair on some dog breeds like many terriers, for example. To keep their coats’ appearance and texture, they must have them removed. Dog stripping calls for specialized training, but if you take the time to learn how to do it and spend money on the best dog grooming tools, your clientele will soar.

Dental Supplies

Dog groomers don’t always offer teeth cleaning, but if you do, it can give you a chance to further differentiate yourself from the competition. You don’t need to take something too far. Simple tools for grooming dogs, such as a good dog toothbrush, will do. Be cautious about toothbrush cross-contamination. Each dog that visits your salon should have its brush.