Comfortable Shoes: The One and Only Way to Keep Your Feet Healthy

You know what they say, your health is one of the best investments you can make, and except for eating clean and exercising on a regular basis, wearing comfortable shoes is also a must. In fact, they play a great role when it comes to the overall health as that way you put less stress on your feet and the rest of your body which leads to fewer problems.

When it comes to comfy shoes, one of the most common misconceptions about them is the association with the old-fashioned types of “grandma/grandpa” shoes. Luckily, nowadays, more and more people are seeing the difference between them and understand that wearing comfortable shoes means wearing shoes that won’t cause any problems like blisters, hammertoes, gout, ingrown toenails, etc. So, whether you choose to wear comfy sneakers, shoes or sandals (depending on the need and occasion), what matters is to choose the perfect fit – shoes that can give you the needed cushioning and support without causing any problems to your joints, legs and hips. Simple as that!

sneakers with arch support

Additionally, a great number of comfy sneakers and shoes include arch support which is of vital importance for the body’s alignment. According to orthopedists, feet are the base of our body and if they are hurting, then the chances that your overall body could be in pain are huge. So, in order to prevent that yourself, you should keep your feet correctly aligned as that way, your body weight can be evenly distributed and that can minimize the pressure.

When it comes to buying shoes, the first and most important thing you should understand is to avoid buying shoes throughout the day as this is the period when the feet are usually swollen. The ideal time to shop for shoes is in the morning. Additionally, wear the same socks or at least the same thickness that you plan to wear with the chosen shoes as thicker or thinner socks can make quite of a difference. Since shoes vary from one manufacturer to another, make sure you trust your own comfort level rather than the shoe’s size. When buying online, make sure you measure your feet as this is the ideal way to choose the right size. Keep in mind that one foot is usually wider or larger than the other one, and according to orthopedists it is best to choose a size that fits the larger foot.