How to Choose Original Artworks for Your Home

Too often I see homes that are stripped from any kind of artistic expression – no woodwork elements, no original artworks or wall prints, not even a plain old china set! That’s very unfortunate, because without art the Earth becomes just one big “eh”. And when you steer away from including art in your living space, you’re missing out on an amazing design opportunity. When picked out carefully, even one single artwork can provide all the sensory stimuli a room so much needs to come to life.

Without a doubt, well-placed artworks can transform the space, but unless you’re a gallery owner or an artist yourself, selecting art does not come very naturally to you. Nevertheless, just because you’re not an expert does not mean you don’t have the right to enrich your living space with art. Actually, the only prerequisite you need to fulfil is to be… human. And I’m certain everyone reading this is. In addition, I give you a few considerations when scouting for original artworks.

Buy What You Love

Art isn’t there just to cater to people’s pretentiousness. Art’s primary goal is to move or inspire you and connect with your innermost self. Therefore, when looking for original artworks it’s always a good decision to follow your gut instinct. Are you fond of nature? Then some picturesque scenery will look stunning as a centrepiece above a fireplace. Nature motifs are a common inspiration for painters because of the ability of acrylics and oil glazes to bring out the flower blooms from the canvas to life. On the other hand, many artists find inspiration in every day scenes from human life, depicting it realistically or surrealistically.

Should Art Be Chosen According to the Rest of the Interior?

An artist will have his heart broken if he knew that the reason you chose his artwork is because it came in colours matching the sofa. In fact, art is no regular home décor element that has to fit into a particular scheme. The more it differs from the rest of the space the more an impact it can have. A modern piece in a traditional space, and an impressionist painting for a more contemporary place can shake things up and capture visual interest. If you don’t want to risk with an eclectic look, a sense of balance can be achieved with complementary rugs and statues.

Get to Know the Artist

Getting to know the person that created the piece, allows you to have an in depth understanding of what it’s all about and the context around it. A good piece of art will always be the talking point in your room, and you wouldn’t want to seem like some ignorant poser. Today, it’s so easy to read up on the artist or follow their Instagram to get a glimpse of their work spectrum. Moreover, you can visit art shows where most up-and-coming artists would gladly give you a one-on-one talk on their paintings. Scan the market for emerging artists to find yourself a great deal. The thing could become worth millions if the artist becomes a popular name. Take it from Alice Cooper who recently discovered a 40-year old print worth 10 million US dollars from a then unknown artist named Andy Warhol.