How to Choose a Lovely and Functional TV Unit

There’s no doubt that television is deeply ingrained in our culture. And I’m somehow glad it is, because what else would I be talking about with my colleagues around the water cooler if not last night’s shocking Game of Thrones reveal? But regardless of whether you watch TV shows or not, I’m sure you too own a TV. Because let’s be honest, the living room is simply not complete without a large screen in the centre of it.

Oh, and a functional and attractive TV unit to house all the different components that make up your quality viewing experience. I won’t try to meddle with your TV preferences, but having a knack for interior design I feel entirely obliged to give you some helpful advice when it comes to choosing a TV unit. Here’s what you should consider.

Match It with the Surroundings

The style of your interior should dictate the style of the chosen TV stand. Whatever your interior style is – there’s a TV unit to complement it. For example, more minimalist interiors may benefit from contemporary TV units that are made from glass or stainless steel, while traditional settings demand models made of solid or veneer wood. Since having such a wide selection to choose from can be a bit overwhelming, my advice is to go for a more subtle and unobtrusive design which won’t distract you too much in your TV marathons.

Contemporary Tv Units

Look for Functionality

Since technology has evolved so much, there are more cables and gadgets that need to be stored than ever. Whether you’re browsing vintage or contemporary TV units, you should make sure they offer a great deal of storage for your media equipment, cords, satellite or cable receiver, and everything else needed for your entertainment. If you have kids or pets running around, consider getting a unit with enclosed storage where all the equipment will be safely hidden away.

Size Matters

Going with a large and imposing piece can be a bad idea if your living room is too small. After all, this area is meant for relaxation and not bumping into various furniture pieces. And considering we live in the incredible era of space-saving flat screen technology, there’s really no need for a bulky TV unit. A sleek, narrow piece leaning against the wall can make your space seem wider and free of clutter.

Height Too!

Regardless of the size of the unit you choose, if your TV is not at the proper height, your entire pleasure will be completely ruined. For this reason you should always measure your unit to ensure the TV will be at a comfortable eye level. Sit on your couch and measure the distance from your eyes to the floor. Next, take half of your TV’s height and subtract that number from the floor-eye-level measurement. The result is the approximate height your TV stand should ideally be.