Buying a Bathroom Tap: Here’s How to Choose a Functional and Stylish Design

When it comes to bathroom remodelling, one of the main things you need to pay attention to is the bathroom tap. So, it goes without saying that choosing it wisely is essential and this includes both functionality and appearance. That being said, here’s what you need to consider as to choose in accordance to your needs and these both aspects.

Stick to Resilient Tapware

Since taps are designed to be used on a daily basis, countless of times, choosing a quality and durable material is paramount. For the purpose, you will need to stick to materials that can stand up to moisture and rubbing. Since the tap is going to be in touch with water all the time, choosing a material that won’t oxidise or rust over time is also essential.


Consider the Design

Except for the large selection of high-end showers, nowadays, you can opt from a wide range of fancy bathroom taps. All of this allows you to choose a bathroom tap that can meet your personal needs and bathroom style as well. An important rule of thumb is, of course, to follow and match the overall bathroom design as well as the size of the sink and the available free space. Sink, mixer, basin mixer and wall-mount mixer are some of the types of bathroom faucets you can invest in. While all of them have their own beauty, the thing that can make them differ one from another is the finish. Some of the most popular tapware finishes as of late are brushed chrome, polished brass, gold painting and powder-coated enamel.

What Are Bathroom Taps Made of?


When it comes to quality, nothing beats brass tapware. Although considered one of the most expensive options, this is one of the most recommended options. This is because brass taps are sturdy and long-lasting options. What’s more, brass taps are unlikely to leak and corrode which means fewer malfunctions and repairs.

Stainless Steel

When compared to brass, stainless steel taps are more affordable, but they last less than brass taps. However, when compared to steel, stainless steel is always a better option as steel is prone to rust when exposed to water.

Zinc and Zinc Alloy

Just like stainless steel, zinc and zinc alloy taps are less expensive than brass. And while this might sound good to you, this material has a huge downside. Zinc and zinc alloy faucets need to be replaced in a shorter period of time as when in contact with water, this material tends to corrode.


What about the Finish?

Professionals state that the finish of the tap can really make or break its overall look. Choosing the right finish can keep the tap well protected. For that reason, you should consider some of the most popular finishes.

  • Chrome – This is a popular and versatile type because it can be easily paired with almost any bathroom style. One of the greatest things about this finish is that it’s almost impossible to scratch, making it ideal for everyday use. Plus, it’s easy to clean and quite affordable.
  • Nickel – When it comes to longevity, nothing can beat nickel. But this quality and longevity comes at a certain price. Nickel finish is one of the most expensive types of finishes.
  • Bronze – Without a doubt, oil-rubbed and satin bronze design can be very appealing and stylish. They are specially designed for the vintage types of bathrooms mainly because of the colour. What’s more, they are durable and extremely easy to maintain which is considered as another bonus.

How To Install Bathroom Taps?

Since there are different types of taps, all of them require a different installation approach. And while some of them allow for a DIY installation, a great number require a professional approach. Apart from the right tools, what a DIY project like this lacks is the years of experience pros have.