Brushcutter – Is this the Right Tool for Challenging Garden Jobs

For most landscape maintenance tasks, a lawn mower or a string trimmer can prove to be the only tool necessary. But if you are responsible for a wide acreage of a yard that’s overgrown with unsightly weeds higher than Marge Simpson’s hairdo, you might need something with a little more power. That’s when it’s time to consider getting a brush cutter.

In only a few minutes, this helpful tool can take care of a variety of challenging garden jobs that usually take a long time to complete. Whether it’s some extra thick grass, small saplings, stubborn brushes and even some young trees, all the ugliness can disappear from your landscape once you turn a brush cutter on. If you don’t have one already, it’s time to go and look for a brushcutter sale!


There are a lot of factors that set this tool apart from regular lawn mowers or trimmers. For one, it’s more flexible and able to get into hard to reach places. For instance, if you have a deck with weeds in tricky corners where the lawn mower can’t fit, this tool can easily eliminate them. It can also fit under front porches that are raised from the ground without a problem.

However, the biggest advantage of a brush cutter is its power potential which tops any other garden tool meant for trimming. It has two types of engines – two strokes and four strokes. The ones with a two stroke engine are more powerful, have less moving parts which makes them more reliable. With a machine of this rank, no pesky shrub will be a match for you!

Even though it looks similar to a line trimmer, a brush cutter is very different. Trimmers use a thin nylon string which can cut regular grass and short weeds, while brush cutters have sharp metal blades that can slash through dense vegetation and even some stems of up to 10 cm width. It’s truly worth checking out a brushcutter sale this winter and prepare yourself before spring arrives when all the vegetation starts growing out of control.

Another advantage of brush cutters over other garden tools used for cutting is that they come with different blade attachments. This means that with the same tool you can cut a variety of plants. Because a brush cutter is designed to tackle challenging jobs, the blades are generally sturdy and durable. However, if you are regularly cutting through very hard branches or stems, you should sharpen the blade after a couple of uses. Before each use check how sharp the blade is, working with a dull blade can damage the cutter and pose a safety hazard.