Bone Broth: Make Meals More Flavourful and Nutritional

Made by simmering animal bones and connective tissue in water, bone broth is highly rich in protein, which is used in cuisines around the world to create more flavourful meals and for its nutritional value. It’s also often referred to as ‘stock’ because it can also be used in a very similar way for cooking, but it’s different mainly because of how long it takes to prepare.

Thanks to its health benefits, people have found many different ways to add bone broth to their diets. Apart from the obvious use – as a base for soups, stews and risottos – you can also use it in other recipes. As a matter of fact, there is an incredible number of ways to use it, including to steam vegetables, to braise meat dishes, in gravy, stuffing, mashed potatoes, marinades, etc. You can even simply sip on it – with or without some seasoning, like coriander, garlic, basil, ginger, lime juice, tomato paste, spring onions, etc, or you can consume it in sauces, dips or even in smoothies.


Whether you can make it yourself or buy it, using bone broth is a great way to improve your diet. Nevertheless, while both options are great, for even an even higher nutritional value, you can look for food manufacturers like GevityRX, formerly known as Meadow and Marrow. This premium brand makes concentrates with more amino acids and healthy fats than regular broths. You can buy Meadow Marrow bone broth enriched with various different nutrients and superfoods, based on the results you are after.

Different Meadow & Marrow bone broth concentrates can be used to help you lose weight, burn fat, have more energy for working out, boost your immunity. On top of the healthy substances of the bone broth itself, like amino acids and minerals, a Meadow Marrow bone broth may include other nutrients from a number of different ingredients. These range from lemon, apple cider vinegar, turmeric, ginger, green tea, olive leaf, cinnamon, cayenne peppers and other plant-based ingredients, all the way to sea salt, Vitamin K2, fat-burning MCT oil, digestive enzyme, good bacteria, etc.


Improved Digestion and Gut Health

Bone broth is full of proteins, especially gelatine. Because of this, bone broth is considered to be a great aid for your digestive system. Gelatine may help your digestive tract by supporting a healthy transit of the food through the intestines. The hyaluronic acid, the amino acids, as well as the minerals, such as collagen and gelatine, which are present in bone broth, may help your intestines regenerate in a way. For even more digestive benefits, there are meadow and marrow broth concentrates, which are rich in good bacteria and digestive enzymes.

Improved Immune System

There is a clear correlation between a balanced diet and proper immune function. Our bodies need a number of nutrients, such as proteins, vitamins, lipids, carbohydrates, as well as water, to repair themselves, as well as function optimally. Nevertheless, for most of us, it’s really hard to consume all of those nutrients in the right amount only through food, whether it’s because of lack of knowledge, time or patience. This is why dietary supplements and other aids, like bone broth, are a great aid for our health.

Furthermore, all of those vital nutrients are absorbed by the small intestine. If this absorption is disrupted in some way, if the intestine is damaged or you have a leaky gut syndrome, your body may not get all the nutrients it needs to function properly, and your immune system may be disrupted as well. Because bone broth helps your digestive system to function better, allowing it to absorb nutrients from food better, thus busting your immune system.


Boosted Collagen Production

While the statement that bone broth contains collagen is a misconception, bone broth is still believed to be a good way to boost its production. During the preparation, when the animal bones are boiled, the collagen – the main structural protein found in the bones, cartilage and the skin, is broken down into gelatine and other amino acids.

The substances that your body gets when you consume bone broth, may help your body form collagen. Aside from the fact that it can improve the function of the digestive system and the immune system, the next most important reason why people decide to add bone broth to their diets is that it can help with weight loss. This is because collagen is a great aid in weight loss.

Nevertheless, probably the best thing about collagen is that it slows down the process of ageing, and helps you stay young longer. The reason for this is that collagen improves the elasticity of the skin, and slows down the appearance of wrinkles. Furthermore, because of its collagen-boosting ability, bone broth is also believed to reduce pain and stiffness, as well as improve joint function. Gelatine is also considered to be helpful in tissue repair, as well as injury prevention.