How to Choose Blinds that Will Enhance the Look & Functionality of Your Home

While having large glass windows and sliding glass doors is definitely an advantage (Hello, sunlight!), finding the right treatment to adorn them can be a complex task. But when you do find one, oh what a game changer it can be! A good set of window blinds can do wonders for an interior both in terms of style and functionality. Today, there are tons of stylish modern blinds that can help you bring a ‘wow’ factor to your windows. All you need to do is choose wise. Here are some great tips.

Seek Inspiration from Your Surroundings

Like any home improvement project, having a defined style in mind is the starting point when choosing blinds. Do you prefer Venetians or roller blinds? Both types can look stunning on their own, but the individual theme and style of your space should affect your final choice. Look around you and get inspired. If your interior is already decorated in a contemporary fashion, focus your attention on the wide range of modern blinds such as Venetians, vertical blinds or cellular blinds. On the other hand, traditional and vintage interiors might benefit more from a more classic window treatment such as shutters, Roman blinds, or roller blinds.

Think About the Material

The material your blinds are made of can influence a lot of factors – from your home’s energy-efficiency, to privacy and light control. It will also affect the blinds’ longevity and ease of maintenance. For instance, aluminium or moisture-resistant fabrics are a smart choice for areas that are exposed to high heat and humidity, such as the bathroom and the kitchen. If you’re more a fan of wooden shutters, reserve them for areas free from any humidity, such as the living room or bedroom. Paper-like fabrics are also a popular choice when it comes to modern blinds. However, unless you choose a block-out fabric, the blinds won’t be able to provide you with 100% privacy or light control.

Pick a Suitable Mount

Different types of windows have different panes and close differently. Considering this, you wouldn’t want to pick a type of blinds that will stand in the way of opening or closing the windows. Also, some types of mounts can affect the look of your windows. So if your windows come with ornate carvings that you’re proud to show off, picking an inside mount will not get in the way of doing so. Outside mounts go completely above the window frame, so when you close off the blinds the window frame gets covered entirely.