A Lovely Home Calls for a Lovely Window Treatment: Benefits of Roller Blinds

When people think about decoratively styled windows, they usually do not envision blinds. Blinds are considered “hard” treatments because they are usually made of metal, plastic, or wood. As such, they are perceived as offering more function and less style. However, there’s a certain type of “soft” blinds that provides exceptional privacy and light control, while also aesthetically enhancing the value of your home. Introducing – roller blinds.

First of all, roller blinds can be a notch more expensive as they are made from exquisite, hard-wearing fabric. Not only are they as elegant as curtains, but they’re also sure to make any home look finished and surprisingly expensive. The roller blinds Australia manufacturers offer come in a great variety of fabrics ranging from translucent materials, to sunscreen fabrics, and block out options. These blinds are also available in a huge range of colours and patterns, so it’s easy to find a design that suits your interior best.

Unlike Venetian blinds, shutters, or Roman shades – roller blinds can be very flexible and adjust to your changing needs. When you want to open up your view, these blinds can be completely tucked away into a cavity, hidden from sight. When they’re lowered, you have complete privacy regardless of whether you chose a translucent or a blackout design. But when functionality is concerned, it is dual roller blinds Australia interior designers deem the best choice. Using sheer fabric on one roller, and a blackout material on the second is a great solution for regulating the amount of light that can get in. A win-win for your windows!

Roller blinds can be mounted in a variety of ways: in front of the window frame, hung from the ceiling, or in between window frames (if you don’t mind light getting in from the sides). If your frames are ornamental and you want them to look more prominent, the best way to do so is have your rollers mounted between them. But if you want to cover up the frames, it’s best to choose an outside mount or a ceiling mount which can also help make the room feel wider and taller.

Usually, people that avoid roller blinds do so out of fear that they require a lot of maintenance. However, the truth is, roller blinds usually need to be cleaned only once a year. And compared to cleaning curtains, which involves washing and ironing, cleaning roller blinds is very simple. All you need to do is bring them down from the window brackets, roll them flat, and wipe them clean with a towel and a mild cleaning solution. I have yet to hear about a window treatment that is more low-maintenance than this one.