Benefits of Bathroom Cabinets with Mirrors: Smart Solutions for Your Bath

Although bathroom basins are an integral part of any bathroom, another essential appliance you should have at the top of your buying list is the bathroom cabinet. Instead of investing in the basic types of bathroom cabinets, you should consider cabinets with mirrors. Bathroom mirror cabinets are also known as bathroom shaving cabinets with mirror because they make the perfect place for men to shave. Aside from this, these units also have the ability to improve the appearance of your bathroom. However, the benefits of installing cabinets of this kind can go way beyond this.

Spacious Bathroom


Besides serving their purpose to help men shave better while also helping women put on their makeup impeccably, mirrored shaving cabinets can also make your bathroom look more spacious. This could be quite helpful for those of you who have smaller bathrooms and run low on floor space. Installing bathroom shaving cabinets with mirror will add depth to your space while making it look more stylish and appealing. According to interior designers, if you have a window in your bathroom, it’s better to install the cabinets on the opposite wall. That way, you can increase the depth of the bathroom even more and make it look airier.

Brighter Space


Whether placed on the opposite side of a window or not, bathroom mirror wall cabinets are an excellent way to add light to your bathroom. Since mirrors have the ability to reflect any source of light in the space (even if it’s artificial), bathroom cabinets with mirrors will make your bathroom brighter. The type, size and number of mirrors you’ll choose should mainly depend on the number of bathroom cabinets and their size.

Add More Style

Mirrors are extremely effective in adding style to a space. Besides the mirrors on your cabinets, you can also add additional mirrors on one of the walls in order to make it pop even more. Besides the simple and straight line mirrors, you can choose from the many modern, contemporary, traditional, vintage and antique mirrors. However, the model you choose should complement the rest of the bathroom style, otherwise, you risk breaking the look of your bathroom.

Additional Storage Space


Mirror cabinets are also great for smaller bathrooms that lack storage space. By investing in such cabinets, besides using the mirror for your needs, you can use the space behind it for storing your daily essentials. You can choose from the large selection of wall mounted bathroom cabinets with mirrors, available in different sizes. In case you need something specific, you can always order made-to-measure bathroom cabinets that can also come with custom-made shelves so you can keep all of your hygienic products inside them.

Hygienic Benefits

Besides for shaving and putting on makeup, cabinet mirrors can also serve as the perfect spot to clean your face, brush and floss your teeth. In front of it, you can also groom and style your hair, tweeze your eyebrows, apply a hair and face mask, and whatnot. In other words, cabinets with mirrors are an essential piece of bathroom furniture.



Except for being fashionable on their own, today’s cabinets with mirrors can come adorned with hidden strap lights. This will take your bathroom to the very next level and increase its functionality. The soft light coming from behind will not only look stylish, but it can be quite helpful when doing your makeup or shaving. The light coming out of it will help you be more precise and not miss a spot on your face.

As you can see the benefits of installing cabinets with mirrors in your bathroom are many. And in order to keep them sparkly clean, you should follow some of the following tricks.

How Do You Anti Fog a Mirror?


One of the easiest ways to stop bathroom mirrors from fogging is to ventilate the bathroom by opening the bathroom door and window (if any). Although this is a great trick when the weather is warm, it’s almost impossible to do this in winter. For this purpose, you can try to keep the bathroom mirrors fog-free with some simple homemade solutions.

Shaving Cream

It may sound strange, but this trick does work since shaving cream (along with toothpaste, soap and laundry detergent) can prevent water condensation particles from sticking to the mirror. All you have to do is to wipe a layer of the shaving cream on the mirror and buff it/wipe it until it’s totally gone.


For this purpose, you will need a 1:1 solution of water and vinegar that you will spray on the mirror and wipe it off. In order to increase the solution’s defogging strength, you can add a few drops of soap to it.