Bedroom Colours: Secret to Better Sleep and More Sex

The bedroom is that one place we all associate with stress relief, relaxation and intimacy. In the light of this fact, considering all aspects that might impact the level of comfort is beyond recommendable. The most common ones usually mentioned are concerned with the bed itself and the mattress, but the icing of the cake that makes it all complete is the sheets. For this purpose, it is important not to skimp on your bedroom sheets, regarding both look and feel.

Linen sheets are known to be ideal for places with hot climate and apart form being the utter embodiment of comfort, they also have a very unique appearance…an innate romantic charm about them, if you will. Now while it might sound a bit ambitious to some, colours do play a very important role in creating an inviting intimate atmosphere. That’s why I’d recommend that you are mindful when choosing the colour of your bed linen sheets. Bed linen sheets have that much sought after already worn-out look, so dusky rose would be the perfect colour choice that complements this look ideally. If that colour isn’t your cup of tea, you can also go with baby blue, or some other soft and subdued hue.

Now, according to experts, a good night’s sleep promotes having a more quality sex life and there are certain colours that promote better sleep so let’s see what those sexy colours might be (chuckles). In other words, if the sheets are the icing of the cake, the colours you choose for the walls and the décor are the cherry on top.

According to many surveys, homeowners whose bedrooms are dominated by blue are getting the best night’s sleep. In fact, that shouldn’t come as a surprise since blue is considered to be the most soothing colour thanks to its association with water and the wide blue sky. This colour is sure to help you relax better before sleeping by reducing your heart rate after a long busy day. This way, you might feel more inclined to intentionally increase your heart rate in the morning, if you know what I mean.

Yellow is the second-best colour regarding promoting a good night’s sleep. The sunny hues have the power to positively impact the nervous system, creating an instant feeling of relaxation and coziness. Green is also widely known for being associated with calmness and relaxation. Mixing these two would be a great option in fact since they complement each other very well.

Next on the list is orange. Except for adding warmth, orange is also an energetic colour that can evoke excitement and enthusiasm. Studies have also shown that this colour is great for muscle relaxation, so those who have trouble with sleeping can fall asleep more quickly if surrounded by it.

Now if you like your walls and sheets white, it doesn’t mean that your bedroom will be lacking in something. Quite the contrary, apart from making your space appear more crispy clean, white is also a timeless and elegant choice.

Unfortunately, studies have shown that some of the many people’s favourite colour choices (grey and brown), are closely related to depression as they tend to make people uncomfortable on a subconscious level when used for the sleeping environment. And finally, the much adored purple – also not a great choice since it tends to keep things busy. A bit more busy than you’d want to since it tends to overstimulate the mind thus preventing instant relaxation.