Bean Bag Chairs: Sink into Chic Comfort and Lounge in Style

Home is our safe place, our sanctuary and hideaway from everything. It’s not just bricks and mortar, but the one place where we can relax and enjoy unlimited comfort. When you’re making a house your home, your priority is décor and furniture that exude a warm and cosy feeling. Most people would advise for traditional sofa or loungers, but why not be more daring and opt for a bean bag chair?

Bean bag chairs are bulky bags of various materials filled with polystyrene beads to create a comfortable piece of furniture. Due to their design and versatile nature, bean bags can be changed to any shape to accommodate your body.


The first prototype of bean bags was created in the ’70s in Italy and is considered a movement in contemporary art. That era was the height of bean bags as everyone was on the hunt for this unique article of chair that took the world by storm.

Today, the bean bag has evolved from the original pear shape into an array of styles and is recognised as proper furniture. So if you want to add bold furnishings and transform your home from dull to beautiful, investing in a quality bean bag chair is the way to go!

Types Of Bean Bags

Since the rise in popularity of bean bag chairs on the market, manufacturers moved from the original kids’ style chair to more sophisticated options that please the eye of even the pickiest decorator. When it comes to categorizing types of bean bags there are three main factors: size, shape and filling. These aspects determine in which type category the chairs fall into.


As far as sizing goes, you can find bean bags suitable for all ages. Almost every type offers you chairs for both adults and kids, but the most universal type is round chairs. From this type, you can find even oversized bean bags, which are ideal for taller people or as a multi-person sitting configuration.

Round Chairs

The round bean bag chair is the most common type and looks exactly as the name implies. Sizeable round chairs are made from a malleable material that adjusts to your body as you move. Round bean chairs work well in any room and are best for lounging comfortably. They don’t provide much support on the neck and arms, so round chairs are recommended more for children.


Square Chairs

Square bean chairs are similar to round ones, but with added back and armrests. The design of these chairs resembles a traditional recliner and is better suited for adults. The support these chairs provide will allow you to easily watch TV or read books without having to prop up a pillow for comfort.


Body Chairs

Regular bean bags are meant for one person to sit snuggly, but body bean chairs allow you to either lie down or share the chair with someone else.  The shape of this chair is rectangular and very lengthy, making it perfect for an afternoon nap. As far as support goes, body chairs are better for laying down than for sitting, due to the fact that they don’t have backrests.

Novelty Chairs

The newer addition to the bean bag chair family is the novelty chairs. This type is aimed more at children as the designs are inspired by cartoon characters or things like toys and animals. Even though these chairs seem to serve only an aesthetic purpose, they are just as comfortable and functional as regular ones. The quirky designs are pleasant for the kiddos, plus they spruce up their room with vibrant décor.

Gaming Chairs

This type of chair is designed for a more specific audience, but everyone who spends most of their time in front of a screen will appreciate it also. Gaming chairs have a similar structure to computer chairs and offer the best support among all types.  In some chairs, you can find built-in speakers that can connect to your computer for a surround-sound experience.

How Bean Bag Chairs Can Better Your Life

With constant stress from everyday life, it can be hard to properly unwind even when at home. This is where bean bags come in handy. Bean bags are the ultimate cosy furniture that can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and create an environment where body and mind are at ease.

Now you may be wondering how a bag filled with plastic beans can improve your life, so let’s go over the list of benefits from bean bags and learn how to elevate your relaxing time.


Relieves muscle and joint pain

We all know the pain of sitting in one position for a long time.  Regular furniture is good for short time usage, but after a certain period, you experience muscle pain that won’t seem to go away easily. Bean bags are designed with comfort in mind and allow for free movement and re-positioning. In addition to relieving pain, bean bag chairs lower the risk of tension headaches that are a result of bad posture.

Improves posture

Throughout our whole lives we’ve been told to keep a good posture, but everyone takes it for granted until health issues arise.  If you’re experiencing lower back pain or worried about unnecessary pressure on the spine, it might be a good idea to invest in bean bags.   These chairs are made to around your body’s curves and its movements, so no matter what position you pick, you’ll always have proper support.

Helps with autism

Bean bags’ design is an excellent choice for people with autism as they provide enough pressure on the body to soothe and calm it down. The soft and movable material provides a safe and cosy environment during flare-ups.


Versatile and durable

With so many designs and styles, bean bags are some of the most versatile pieces of furniture to have at home. You can adjust it to be a chair when watching a movie or a sitting arrangement for when company comes over.

In addition to versatility, bean bags are made from eco-friendly and durable materials that can withstand getting thrown around the room and even jumping children. Plus, you have a sense of security knowing that this squishy chair is safe enough for your little ones that are prone to injuries from the furniture.

How to Take Care of Your Chair

Every chair is different and almost all come with cleaning instructions, but sometimes they get displaced so here are some general rules to follow on how to take care of your bean bag and prolong its lifespan.

Cleaning process

After constant usage, your bean bag will be in a dire need of some cleaning up. The first step here is to take off the cover and throw it in the washing machine. If there are any stains, put on a spot-remover beforehand or soak them in detergent and water to remove it.  After the cycle finishes, just dry it out and you’re good to go.


Bean bags that don’t come with a cover have other methods for cleaning. For instance, leather bean bags can be wiped down with a damp cloth. This method can be used for almost all other types of bean bags.  Some types can also be brushed with special brushes; it all depends on the material.


Cleaning aside, you should also implement other ways to take care of said chairs. A good safety measure is to always keep them on a smooth surface and avoid sitting down on them with clothes that have sharp details. If your bean bags are on the cheaper side, their stitches may not be as durable so refrain from sitting down hastily or jumping on them.   

To Sum Up 

If you’re looking for a way to incorporate elegance and comfort into your home, then bean bags are the way!  Not only do these chairs look good but they can also help improve your health. In this rapid and stressful day and age, it’s most important to look after your well-being and invest in products that are multifunctional and durable.