Bar Islands: A Fabulous Focal Point in Both Modern and Traditional Kitchens

The kitchen is one of the most frequently used areas in the house, the soul of a home if you will, therefore, effective and beautiful design is needed to meet your daily needs and make your time spent there more enjoyable. You may consider taking some small steps and looking for different ways to reface your kitchen cabinets or go big and discover why bar islands are becoming a thing lately.

What’s All the Fuss About?


Adding an island to your kitchen area is an easy way to create more room for preparing food, but also it is a great solution for creating a casual seating area where you can spend quality time with family and friends. From having breakfast with the kids before school to entertaining guests in the evening, casual dining and kitchen islands go hand-in-hand perfectly.

The popular island began making an appearance in kitchens somewhere in the 1950s and, over the years, it has risen to the top of kitchen must-haves. Whether this trend has been inspired by the farmhouse style, or the desire to bring back the old eat-in-kitchen style, the benefits of having one are numerous and it seems like this feature is here to stay.

In modern-day kitchen designs, it is the new dining room table, however, one of the greatest things about it is that it fits perfectly in contemporary, traditional and transitional kitchen styles as well. You can find a variety of finely crafted bar islands to upgrade both the functionality and the looks of one of the most important areas in your home.

A Few Tips on How to Make a Fab Focal Point in Your Kitchen


Find the Style that Suits You Most

There are many styles of kitchen islands to consider and in order to discover what will work great in your space, it’s important to first determine the style you’re seeking. Recently, more people are turning to the idea of substituting the island with a bar island table instead. From farmhouses to country homes and city chic apartments, there are many kitchens where this can be the smartest choice.

There is no hard and fast rule for deciding the type of kitchen island that’s ideal for your home. The most important thing is to think about your needs and the space you have available. Consider the layout of the room and the height that would work well in the area.

Small kitchens might benefit from it if there is not a designated area for dining or food preparation. You can also use it to create space for in-room dining in a room where seating was not an option before. It is an amazingly versatile solution since it can be created for kitchens ranging from small to large and can accommodate anywhere from one to four people depending on the style, size of the room, and the seating you prefer.

You can choose whether you want your design to make room for a single, cosy spot for sipping coffee or tea, or provide a space for several people to sit. A bar island works great in an open floor plan and creates a partial partition between rooms, but it can also fit very well in a kitchen that’s separate from other areas of the home.

Pick the Right Material

Bar island tables are hardworking, but also, they are designed to be equally inviting for family and friends to pull up a chair to enjoy conversation, share a meal or lend a hand with food prep. They are sturdy, functional and versatile as they double as desks, consoles, kitchen islands and more. However, if you want to spruce up your home and make it something unique, consider stylish, high-quality pieces.

A concrete bar table is a durable and elegant piece of bar island furniture that can instantly update the look of your space and add a sense of sophistication in a powerful, yet seemingly effortless way. It’s a great choice for modern and contemporary kitchen designs.

A teak bar table, on the other hand, can easily complement both modern and traditional kitchens and introduce a unique style to your home décor. Moreover, its natural, rustic lines can easily blend into your alfresco dining area in case you want to gather family and friends and enjoy time spent together.

Make the Most of the Space Around It

Make sure to allow for a walking room for people to easily move around the bar island. Keep traffic patterns and cabinetry in mind and make sure there will always be enough space to complete daily tasks with ease, from breakfast until dinner time. After all, one of the greatest benefits of a bar island table is less “travel time” from your food preparation area to the dining space.

Adding stools to your bar island is a simple way of creating a casual dining area. Consider the number of seats, the bar’s height, and the type of seats that fit your kitchen style to create a stylish and cosy space that all family members will appreciate.

And finally, don’t forget the lighting. There are different types of lights that can make your home shine so you can easily find what will suit your island bar the most and make time spent in the kitchen a real pleasure for all senses.