Balcony Planter Boxes: Join Up the Urban Gardening Trend Planting at the Balcony

Humankind has the incredible ability to adapt, and I believe the perfect example for this is the persistence with gardening. Though the fast-paced life has brought to the predominance in people opting to go for the urban lifestyle, because most job opportunities are usually present in the cities, this still didn’t prevent us from taking up gardening. Even not being close to real ground, living in a building, doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of gardening, and start growing your own fresh produce, from vegetables, to herbs, and berries – the choice is yours.

That’s the new form of gardening that’s been thriving in the last years, known as urban gardening. If you don’t know where to start, go for the plants you prefer having on your plate. Then, find the right planting spot. Even a small space like the balcony is the ideal area as you’d have enough room for balcony planter boxes. Good looking, self contained, and compact planters are going to be your best allies for your thriving garden, and even influence plenty of transformations with your lifestyle, inspiring you to opt for all-things organic.

You can count on garden success when you go for balcony planter boxes that are designed with the use of latest technology, having your busy lifestyle in mind, created to help you with the survival of your plants by catering to plants’ watering needs by being self-watering – the “set and forget” watering technology. Get a system of these planter boxes, and you got yourself a garden that wouldn’t cramp up the rest of your balcony, so you’d even have remaining space for entertaining essentials like lounges.

A word of advice is to remember to go for planter boxes that are spacious enough when deciding to plant vegetables in particular because their roots need depth (about 18-24cm ideally) for proper growth, enabling them to get the necessary water and soil nutrients. Along with depth, it’s equally important to pay attention to the planter’s drainage so you avoid root and plant drowning. And of course, get the adequate soil. The wrong soil, and the wrong pH value can be the death of your plants.

It’s good to include further enhancing the soil’s quality among your gardening chores, making sure you nourish it with organic potting mix every now and then. Imagine the joy you’d have by getting to prepare the potting mix yourself, creating your own organic compost at home, then seeing your plants thrive, and preparing lovely mouth-watering meals with them. Now that’s sustainability!