Anti Fatigue Mats: Make Working on a Standing Desk Feel Like Floating

We all know the consequences of sitting behind a desk for hours on end and there are some very good reasons why sitting is considered the new smoking. On the other hand, standing for too many hours can also be dangerous for your health, so it is normal to feel confused and ask yourself: where is the balance in all of it?

Standing is really supposed to be better than sitting but still, how do you prevent the negative consequences that come from standing on your feet for hours? Here is where anti fatigue mats come in helpful. They are an amazing invention for people who prefer standing over sitting in their workplaces. They are commonly used in workplaces where a standing position is a must but they can also be a great solution for your house as well. Here are a few good reasons why it is a good idea to invest in anti fatigue mats either for your home or business.

anti fatigue mats

They prevent problems with posture

It is much easier to maintain proper body posture when standing. But standing can become even more comfortable if you place an anti fatigue floor mat under your feet. The mat will help you maintain a healthy posture as it helps spread your balance equally on both your feet while supporting your spine and legs. You can also use this mat in your kitchen while cooking or while doing the dishes for better comfort.

Stimulate blood circulation

The blood in your body flows better when standing compared to when your knees are constantly bent. Standing on a fatigue mat promotes subtle movement while stimulating blood circulation. When the mat is placed under your feet there is less pressure on your legs, thus you invest less effort in standing. As a result, your veins and muscles are more relaxed which means you will no longer experience pulsing calves after standing for hours in the office or in the kitchen.

They improve productivity

Besides having tons of benefits for your overall health, anti fatigue mats are also great productivity boosters. This comes as no surprise as productivity is generally tied to comfort and ergonomics. These mats remove the pressure from your entire body while standing and allow you to work more comfortably. Less pain and less discomfort mean you will stay more focused on your tasks and will be able to complete them quicker and better.