Always in Style: Silk Clothing Pieces Every Fashionable Woman Needs

You’re undoubtedly already familiar with silk in the form of ties, pocket squares, and the occasional lapel facing. But, what about the rest of your attire? From louche shirts to statement tailoring, silk has seen a recent surge in popularity on the female runways.

Moreover, wearing silk has a variety of advantages that more than offset its initial cost. Without further ado, here are some guidelines on why to wear silk and more importantly, how to style it!

Why Wear Silk?

Besides giving you a luxurious look and making you feel comfortable in it, wearing smooth silk clothing comes with plenty of health benefits as well. This material has a soft, natural feel that resembles clouds and awakens your senses. It’s not just the texture; there’s something about it that feels eternal. A natural nutrient called silk amino acids, which is present in the fabric, has been discovered to lessen certain aging symptoms including wrinkles.

Due to its natural protein composition, silk is known for being hypoallergenic making it suitable for all skin types. Silk clothing has a dense fabric construction that inhibits dust and mite accumulation, shielding the wearer from common allergens. Other natural materials, such as goose and duck feathers, may cause allergies in certain people, but because silk is entirely biological, it is more tolerant of even the most severe skin allergies.

A recent study demonstrates that there are more benefits to choosing silk clothes for downtime than previously thought. Silk is a popular material for nightwear. In addition to making you feel smooth and comfortable while you sleep, it helps protect women from recurrent infections.

Owning a piece of clothing made of silk will last a lifetime if you properly care for it. Although being a very durable material, silk does come with some specific care instructions such as avoiding shrinkage, colour fading, and fabric fraying. Therefore, always follow the care instructions on your silk garments or have them professionally cleaned if you’re unsure how to care for them.

Silk Clothing Pieces Every Fashionable Woman Should Own

Although whatever is made of silk screams fashion, style and luxury, there are certain statement pieces that every cosmopolitan woman must have in her wardrobe. These are our top picks:

The Unbeatable Silk Shirt

girl wearing white silk shirt and black jeans

When it comes to wardrobe statement pieces, a silk shirt is always a good choice. It’s a classic and the most refined clothing item. It’s the ideal piece to easily transform a simple outfit into one that exudes sophistication and style. Additionally, neither cotton nor cashmere can properly replicate the way silk cloth drapes nicely on the body.

Silk shirts are also quite simple to wear and style. They can be dressed formally or casually and still stand out in a crowd. They have a luxurious sheen to them that isn’t glaring like a satin top but still gives you the impression of being well-off.

Finding it hard to believe? Pair a silk shirt with your favourite pair of jeans, a pencil skirt, a pair of work pants, or your nicest suit, and watch how your outfit changes from charming to elegant, fashionable, and even a touch edgy. You might be pleasantly surprised at the finished product.

The Flattering Silk Dress

long green silk dress

Recent seasons have seen a trend toward silk dresses. And if you don’t already own something so lavish and sophisticated, make sure you do as you can’t miss out on the regal and wealthy appearance it brings.

However, being a temperamental fabric silk doesn’t look good on everyone. Its iridescent and silky texture plays wonderfully in various lighting situations, which might add an excessive amount of volume to problem regions. Additionally, flowing silk has the potential to negatively highlight the figure’s imperfections. The conclusion from all of this is that silk dresses are ideal for thin women.

But curvaceous women may afford V-neck silk dresses too. Simply put, selecting the proper style and size is a must. Bulky body regions shouldn’t be highlighted by tight clothing. Also, stay away from sunshine and bright shades. It’s better to favour subdued, dark hues.

After choosing your dress style, consider its length. The minimum length is midi to the knees or just above them because the mini one looks cheap and inappropriate. There must be full coverage of the hips as well. Silk maxi dresses that go all the way down to the ankles or the middle of the calf are all the rage right now. Although the evening version can reach the floor, this length is uncomfortable and unusable for daily use.

The Statement Silk Pants

woman in green silk pants

Paring a silk camisole or tank with a pair of silk shorts has been the unofficial uniform many stylish women enjoyed wearing for practically the entire summer. But as the weather starts to change and the leaves start to fall, our poor little legs start to feel the effects of the cold. The solution – brand new silk styles. A blouse with long sleeves and ankle-length leggings or co-ord sets, whatever the weather, silk on silk is always the right choice.

Silk pants are the ideal transitional piece with the rise of the pyjama-trousers trend. They can be dressed down for a simple daily appearance, matched for a co-ord jumpsuit, or dressed up for a formal evening event.

However, to avoid looking like you failed to get dressed that morning, before embracing the silk pant trend consider the cut and fit of the pants. Choose a pair with a narrow, somewhat cut leg and a clear waistband for a flattering and streamlined look.

Also, consider the style you want to achieve when wearing silk pants because they can be dressed up or down. So, cocktail hour at a tropical resort is the perfect occasion for silk on silk and some strappy sandals. A boyfriend-style cotton t-shirt with sneakers, a high ponytail, and sunglasses is just as adorable. The idea is to be effortless but not thoughtless when putting together these combinations.