Advantages of installing a Custom Aftermarket Exhaust in your Ford Ranger

The Ford Ranger is a very powerful vehicle, that’s true. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to improve it that much more. Installing better exhausts should be a priority for any vehicle, let alone the Ford Ranger, as it can provide a lot of advantages that most people aren’t aware of. That’s because most car manufacturers tend to use affordable parts for their stock exhausts, which doesn’t really translate well to maximising the car’s performance. The Ford Ranger is no different from all the other cars, so installing a new and improved exhaust should make a world of difference.

Tailored for Your Car

Performance always matters, no matter the car. That’s why you always want to get parts that are suited for that car specifically, otherwise, you won’t be certain if that part is going to work as it should. There are a lot of cars out there, and even more parts, but there will always be parts that are suited for your car, which in this case it’s the Ford Ranger. When you install a new exhaust for Ford Ranger vehicles that is meant specifically for the Ranger, you’ll immediately tell a huge difference. That’s because most stock exhausts aren’t really designed with performance in mind, and that most bolt-on kits won’t really take advantage of the Ford Ranger itself.

Better Exhaust Flow

When you’re using stock parts, especially for the Ford Ranger, you’re most likely using something that was mass-produced for maximum affordability. That almost always means lower performance, which is exactly the case with the exhaust flow. The stock Ranger exhaust usually uses something that’s called a crush bend, which is used to shape the exhaust pipes. In fact, even some aftermarket ones tend to use it sometimes. Crush bends tend to decrease the diameter in the pipe’s bent section, which means the exhaust gasses leave the pipe slower. However, most aftermarket Ford Ranger exhaust systems use something that’s called mandrel bends, which do the opposite – increasing the same diameter that increases exhaust gas pipe flow. That diameter increase significantly frees up power in the engine that allows it to reach its full potential in terms of torque and horsepower.

exhaust for ford ranger

Larger Diameter Pipes

In general, aftermarket Ranger exhaust systems tend to have larger diameter pipes. The general principle is always the same, meaning a larger diameter lends itself to greater horsepower and torque. It doesn’t add a boost out of nowhere, because it’s not possible to have more horsepower out of thin air, but it does allow the engine to better expunge exhaust gasses, which is the thing that allows it to perform better. However, it’s also possible to have too large a diameter, which is why you need to make sure that you’re picking the right exhaust for Ford Ranger vehicles which you know will only positively affect your vehicle.

High-Quality Materials

A basic concept that every auto enthusiast should know of is that car manufacturers almost always use cheaper materials. While cheaper doesn’t always mean lower quality, but in this case, it’s often true. While you won’t really notice a big difference when the vehicle is still new, after a while, the cheaper materials tend to deteriorate quicker. That’s because most manufacturers use mild steel, which is not known for great longevity. Most aftermarket Ranger exhaust systems use aluminised steel or stainless steel, which deteriorate much, much more slowly. That way you won’t have to worry about the state and quality of the exhaust if you install an exhaust system made out of high-quality materials.

Improved Feel and Sound

When it comes to feel, the possibility of aftermarket exhausts is pretty much endless. Once you install a good aftermarket one, you’ll immediately tell a difference, that’s for sure. You’ll feel the Ranger’s increased power and performance mere minutes after installing one, which is pretty much the same when it comes to sound. Most people like to install aftermarket exhaust systems for an increased feeling of power, which typically translates to a more aggressive or powerful sound. However, if you don’t want your car to sound louder, you can always install excellent mufflers that do not affect performance at all.

ford ranger exhaust

Better Fuel Economy

Fuel is always something to keep in mind when you’re driving often. It’s a constant for auto enthusiasts, which is why a large portion of all aftermarket upgrades affect it positively. That’s exactly the same with exhausts because a higher quality one will make your engine run more efficiently. Many upgrades are designed to strictly boost the torque and the horsepower, but sometimes, it’s possible that the end result is the engine burns more fuel because it runs more efficiently. That’s why it’s important to know what your goal is when choosing such an upgrade.

Personalised for You

Choosing an exhaust upgrade will pretty much be a reflection of you and your personality. That doesn’t mean that only the aesthetics of the exhaust will be affected, but rather the entire car’s performance. It depends solely on you if you want to focus on performance, on mileage, torque, or merely aesthetics because, at the end of the day, it will be a reflection of you.