Adopting a Dog: Which Products Do You Need?

Getting a dog means getting a thousand more reasons to smile, goof around and share love. However, it also comes with a few inevitable responsibilities. These responsibilities involve acquiring dog care products from a specialised pet store. It’s important to find a reliable pet store with experienced staff and a vet that will be able to guide you through these basic steps. Also, this way, you can establish a relationship that can last for as long as you have your dog – the staff will be able to advice you regarding vaccinations and spot preventable issues on time. That being said, moving on to the list.

Food and Water Bowls

dog with bowl
source: Chris Benson @ Unsplash

Quality food and water bowls feature stainless steel inside and are dishwasher friendly. It’s important to keep the bowls clean and fill the one for water frequently. Regarding food, unless your dog is a very small puppy, you should strive to create a habit of eating two times a day.

Also, make sure you feed your dog with the right amount of food and keep an eye on how often it empties the water bowl. In case you notice that your pet is way too thirsty, talk to your vet since this can be an indication that there’s an issue.

Bed and Crate

dog sleeping on bed
source: Juan Gomez @ Unsplash

Getting suitable dog care products in the form of a dog bed and a crate is important for offering your canine a place of its own, an area where it can go and rest without being bothered. This also makes for the perfect solution for households where the owners don’t want to have dogs rest on their couch or bed.

Considering the options are vast, you should choose according to what material is comfortable and easy to maintain. I got an orthopaedic bed with removable and washable covers for my dog since that seems to be the best option for most dogs, not only elderly ones or those suffering from some condition, because they provide the needed support that alleviates pressure from the joints, and as a result you can expect your pet to get more rest and relaxation.

Moreover, beds ideal for indoor use may not be that great for the outdoors, so don’t forget to have this in mind too. A soft plush bed is no match for the weatherproof trampoline design when it comes to naps in the yard. As for the crates, they come in handy with training and are certainly a better resting option for shy dogs who need some more time to get used to the new home. Sturdier designs are perfect for trips to the vet, as well as travelling.

Collar and Leash

dog with collar
source: Ken Reid @ Unsplash

These are considered a must in terms of dog supplies because they have to do with keeping your dog in shape by taking it on walks, as well as training your dog to avoid any unwanted behaviour, be it doing its business on the wrong spots, barking excessively or chewing on stuff. In addition, collars are great for attaching a dog ID, but if you plan on letting your dog roam freely in the yard, you’d be better off by getting it microchipped.

Now, in terms of pressure when walking, if the dog is prone to pulling a lot, you might consider getting a harness instead as it helps reduce the strain on the back and neck while dispersing the pressure. I got Milo a harness, and though it took some time for him to get used to it, I was patient enough and let him get comfortable on his own terms, and now we enjoy our daily walks pressure-free.

Hygiene Products

dog on bed
source: Karin Hiselius @ Unsplash

Cleaning up after your dog is also part of the responsibility, not just at home but outside too, whether it’s your yard or the street, which is why poop scoopers and waste bags are so essential when it comes to dog care products. Since I’m dealing with a great deal of lint with Milo, lint rollers are a must for me, and as for freshness, sometimes I use bio-degradable and enzyme based odour absorbers for the pet bed.

Fun and Games

dog playing with toy
source: Aaron Andary @ Unsplash

Dogs can play with just about anything but unless you want your precious furniture to turn into its favourite toy, it’s best to provide your furry friend with a variety of toys as to keep it entertained no matter whether the dog prefer chasing, pulling, running, jumping or chewing.