Why Magnetic Lashes Are All the Rage?

Eyelashes are the ultimate game-changer for different make-up looks. From the famous “no make-up” natural effect to the dramatic smoky eyes cocktail make-up, no look would be as beautiful if your lashes aren’t emphasized. For that reason, some ladies are applying different types of mascaras that add volume, while others simply prefer the perfection that comes with a nice pair of false eyelashes.

Those in the second group probably suffered at least one mini-mental breakdown while gluing on a pair of faux lashes. And while some may have mastered the eyelash gluing art eventually, others are regularly suffering from the “lash glue nails manicure” syndrome. If you love the look that falsies create but struggle with the glue, you’ll probably be glad to know that there is a simple solution.

There is a revolutionary invention that can come to the rescue for those of us who are simply too clumsy using lash glue – magnetic eyelashes! This makeup trend is so popular among the ladies that it’s among the top most-searched terms on “Google” in the beauty sector. And there are a lot of reasons why magnetic fake eyelashes are all the rage.

Easy to Apply

Applying Magnetic Lashes
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No more lash glue! These lashes are created using magnetic systems that consist of micro magnets between the lash band, as a replacement for the sticky lash glue. All you have to do, is place the upper magnetic lash on the top of your natural lash, and simply clip the bottom lash to the top one. The magnets will do their magic and will lock the layers of lashes together.

For those who prefer extra security, and doubt the endurance of two lashes clipped together, there are the traditional “one part” magnetic falsies. With this type of lashes, “sandwiching” your natural lash is not needed, since you apply a magnetic eyeliner lash bond along your lash line to secure the magnetic lash. The lash bond will do its magic and lock the false lash to your natural one, offering you an extra secure, lightweight feeling while your lashes look absolutely gorgeous.

Completely Safe

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It’s a piece of cake applying them, but what about wearing all those magnets near to your eyes? News flash, bending your eye with a sticky, gluey lash can be more painful and harmful than you expected. Actually, most eye doctors recommend magnetic lashes over gluing a classic lash on your eye, because the lash glue may contain harmful substances that can irritate your eyelid skin and cause pain. Plus, some eyelash glue can accidentally get in your eyes and cause damage.

Luckily, unlike the glue, there’s no risk that the magnets will irritate your skin or damage your eyes in some way. A magnetic lash contains an insignificant level of electromagnetic frequency, that isn’t able to cause any kind of disruption in your eye movement, nor in your vision.

And if you want to use lashes that aren’t just safe for you, but also for animals and the environment in general, you can find safe vegan and cruelty-free magnetic lashes like the Magna Luxe range. These falsies are hand-crafted from super soft faux mink synthetic silk fibres. This will offer you an extra comfortable, soft feeling, and make you look and feel pretty all day long, on your mission to save the animals.

Perfect for Every Make-up Look

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Like we mentioned before, every solid make-up look requires accentuating the lashes in some way. And regardless if you’re going for a lighter, natural make-up, or a bolder night make-up, I am sure you want to avoid the “false lashes” effect that can happen when wrongly applying the lashes.

If you’re not skilled enough to “hatch” the edges of the lash properly to the lash glue, I’ve got some great news for you. A nice pair of magnetic falsies can get attached to the eyelid perfectly, sitting straight across your lash line and following your natural eye curve. In other words, nobody will notice that your gorgeous voluminous lashes are actually fake.

If you want to get the cat eyes effect, you can always trim them a bit at the beginning to get more volume and length on the outer corner of your lash. Don’t worry, these lashes are designed to fit and adjust to your eye shape, even if they’re trimmed.

The magnet fake lashes can also be the magic formula to give you a perfect smoky eye as the double layer of magnets provides the luxurious lash thickness that completes this effect. And if you go for lashes made of soft and lightweight faux mink fibres, you’ll also get texture that gives your lashes rich volume and length, without feeling any weight on your eyelids while you blink.

So, if you were wondering what accessory to add to your little black dress tonight, except for stylish statement jewellery, spice up your make-up with a nice pair of magnetic falsies. I promise, your gorgeous make-up look won’t stay unnoticed.

Easy to Remove

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When you’re finally done for the day, the thought of the long make-up removing process can ruin your excitement for your date with your beloved bed. Ungluing the false lashes can be a frustrating, smeary experience, and also painful if you accidentally pluck your own lashes with the pulling process.

You won’t have to worry about any of this with magnetic falsies. All you have to do to remove them, is gently grabbing the outer corner of the lash and slowly pulling it away towards your inner corner. As much as it sounds complicated, it’s only a 5 seconds process that will spare you from the pain having to wipe off the annoying glue from your eyelids. Easy-peasy.

Completely Reusable

If you’re still not convinced to throw away your box of fake lashes and lash glue, and invest in magnetic fake lashes, have in mind that these gorgeous falsies are completely reusable. If you store them properly and treat them with care, believe it or not, you can wear them up to 40 times.

After pulling them out, all you have to do is click them back into the package, to keep their natural shape, and maintain the magnetization of the lash. That way, you can be sure that your falsies are handled properly, and you can reuse them for a longer period. That’s what makes them cost-efficient, and it’s totally worth investing in.