Wedding Decoration Trends – Lovely Cluster Centerpiece Ideas

Whether they involve flowers or don’t, wedding centerpieces are pretty much the easiest way to bring a wedding reception to a higher level. They add interest and versatility to the ambiance, which is why almost no wedding reception goes without having some sort of table centerpieces. We have so many ideas on what types of centerpieces to add to different styles of receptions, but today we will focus on the timeless classic – flowers!

Tall arrangements always look lovely and chic, while low centerpieces in cute vases let the conversation flow and look gorgeous. Lush, long arrangements look romantic and whimsical. It is obvious that each and every one of these kinds of centerpieces would be a great choice for your reception, however, there is one trend that seems to be popping at wedding after wedding and we love it! Introducing – cluster centerpieces.

These beautiful wedding decorations check all the boxes that the three kinds of centerpieces offer. They are made up of different floral arrangements – all in various shapes and sizes, with clusters of different blooms in different vessels. And since clustering centerpieces are in fact a bunch of mini arrangements, you can work with different flowers, textures, and colours. However, if you are into a more cohesive floral décor, just go with a couple of different colours or blooms to create a monochromatic look that will give the reception a more put-together and unique feel.

And since cluster centerpieces flow through the entire table, you can pretty much recreate the same feeling of a garland, but luckily at a fraction of its price. The best thing about this kind of wedding decorations is that you can play with different sizes and heights of the floral designs. Here are our personal favorites.

Bright and Cheery Clusters

Using an array of different gorgeous blooms in light colours, you can create a mix that really stands out. Garden roses, peonies, lilies, and ranunculus make up the perfect combo. Place them in different size vases and make smaller and taller arrangements with unexpected textures tucked in for the ultimate ‘wow’ effect.

Monochromatic Done Right

If your preferred look is a clean and modern arrangement, then you don’t really have to combine several kinds of flowers. Just pick your favorite colour and go with it. In this case, I’d say the ideal choice for your cluster centerpiece would be the bougainvillea. So simple yet so luxurious.

Bud Vase Clustering

Just like you can go big and bold with cluster centerpieces, the same way you can choose smaller and more delicate ones. Think a variety of bud vases each one filled with a couple of stems of ranunculus, succulents and roses. Such a divine elegance.