Want to See what Sleeping on Clouds is Like? Opt for Bamboo Sheets

The fashion world is constantly in motion, and while this is nothing new, the latest stir that’s been happening for quite some time now is due to the emerging of one fabric in particular: bamboo. Many famous designer names, and brands have been under a spell from bamboo, as the focus is on going green, so it’s not surprising it’s both becoming more present in the world of clothing, and more affordable.

Great news is it’s not just clothing, it’s all-things fabric related too, like bamboo soft sheets that can make your every night that of quality sleep! Yes, you read that right – bamboo is soft, or should I say silky soft. It’s much softer than cotton, something due to the fact bamboo as a plant is resilient, doesn’t require any chemical treatment, so as a result its fibers are much smoother, and rounder.

It’s undeniable we spend a third of our lives on sleep, so it’s more than important to turn our bedrooms into oasis, investing in quality bedding, as are the bamboo soft sheets, and blankets, because apart from making for a comfortable night, they are great for our skin health too.

As I mentioned bamboo as a plant is resilient which has to do with its anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties, that kill bacteria, and keep the environment fresh and odour free, and as such is naturally hypoallergenic; people dealing with allergies – this is your bedding dream come true!

The fact it can wick moisture away, through absorption, is sure to provide everyone with a night of restful sleep, without waking up all sweaty. This brings us to another one of its positive traits: breathability through better ventilation.

Owing to this trait, bamboo is the fabric that’s considered suitable year round, as it’s thermoregulating, so in summer, you can count on staying cool, whereas in winter, it can keep you warm. When it comes to summer, wearing bamboo clothing is sure to protect you from the sun too, thanks to the UV protective properties. You wouldn’t even have to worry about its washing and maintenance, because no matter how many times you clean it, its quality won’t lessen, and its colour won’t fade away.

Having bamboo’s sustainability in mind, along with the lack of need for use of chemical substances to ensure its proper growth, opting for bamboo doesn’t only mean your health benefits from it, but you also help save the planet, as long as what you buy is listed as 100% bamboo based, and safe. Opt for bamboo, and you’d see what sleeping on clouds is like!