Vintage Can be Affordable: A Word on Eames Reproduction Furniture

Few names can be considered iconic in terms of modern architecture and furniture like Eames. The power couple that formed the Eames team, US husband and wife Charles and Ray Eames, continue to amaze the world with their eye for detail, as well as the beauty and comfort combined so well in the simplicity of their furniture pieces. These very components are also found in Scandinavian design which has been popular lately, and the interest for modern, or more specifically mid-century furniture, is unlikely to wane anytime soon. Of course, wanting to treat your home with a timeless and classic piece is one thing, and actually treating it is another. Luckily, in Australia we have no lack of Eames reproduction furniture that pays tribute to the original designer pieces both in terms of design and choice of materials. This latter aspect, materials, makes replica a much better option nowadays than it ever was before.

As it’s widely known, replica is cheap, it’s the first thing people associate it with, but what was considered cheap as in lack of quality is no longer the case. When you buy Eames reproduction furniture today you can count on more durability than before, and it wouldn’t cost you a fortune. For example, an iconic chair like the mod arm can be found made from sturdy and natural materials such as beechwood and wool, making it stylish and comfortable to personalise your abode with, minus the cheap appeal. There’s also variety in the colours and patterns, so you can opt for something more distinct if having a uniform look isn’t what you’re after.

Though not everyone is keen on the idea of buying replica, mostly because original is original and buying a designer piece would mean respecting the designing work, and replica is simply a copy, there’s no denying price can be a decisive factor for many. What you invest in one piece of original equals to many pieces of Eames replica, so instead of having just one chair or table, for instance, you’d treat yourself and your interior décor to the looks of more vintage furnishings.

Besides, the construction of reproduction furniture nowadays is improved so some may be even difficult to distinguish from the original. I’ve often heard the durability factor mentioned as a reason not to bother with replica, but people who opt for it know they aren’t buying furniture that lasts a lifetime and that’s okay. Love them or hate them, reproduction furnishings certainly give something to talk about!