Understanding the Benefits and Mechanisms of Sofa Beds

Comfort, style and functionality are the three words that can best describe the living room. Everything in it has to be planned to the tiniest detail, so you could be able to create something comfortable, refreshing and not boring at all. In the process of making everything perfect, usually, we pay too much attention to the smaller details and accents, and we often forget about the bigger ones, like the sofa beds furniture for instance.

Although the sofa bed’s look and style play a huge role in how your living room will look and feel, it’s its comfort and some other features that can determine whether you’ll use it for years or ditch it after a while. Speaking of features, have you ever thought about choosing a sofa with a sleeping mechanism?! If not, now’s the time to do it because you can certainly benefit a lot from having one in your home.

Additional Sleeping Space

sleeping sofa bed
source: wfosale.com.au

Maybe it won’t be the comfiest place to sleep on permanently, but sofa sleeper beds are a great option when needing to accommodate extra guests in your home. By having a sofa like this, you won’t feel intimidated by your dear relative or friend who wants to spend a day or two with his favourite person. The best of all is that these beds won’t compromise on style and look.

Increased Durability

Compared to regular sofas, these ones seem to be more durable because they usually have more frames in their structure. Plus, they have an additional quality mattress that is designed to be used for many years to come. All of this adds to the sofa’s overall support and quality. When used as a piece of sleeping furniture, sofas allow for the use of a mattress topper for added comfort.

Plenty of Choices

As we already said, these beds won’t compromise on appearance and style. In other words, you have all the freedom in the world to choose whatever sofa sleeping bed you want and match it to your current furniture pieces since it’s available in a range of materials and fabrics. Or, you can choose a completely new seating furniture set with a sleep sofa and give your living room a completely new look. Just make sure its appearance doesn’t make you neglect its quality. Keep in mind that it’s possible to find an all-in-one sofa for your living room.

Easy to Use

Unlike in the past, today’s sleep sofas are extremely easy to use. The mechanisms are way lighter and more evolved than the ones in the past, which explains the fact that some of their mechanisms make it possible of being used even with one hand. Handy, right?!

Types of Sleeping Mechanisms

Pull-Out Mechanism

nice and sweet sofa bed
source: bodema.it

Easy to set up and put away, these comfortable sofa beds are convenient thanks to their pull-out mechanism. These models have been present on the market since ever, only that today’s models are improved and more appealing. As the name implies, in order to use it, all you’ll have to do is to pull the mattress frame forward to open the bed and that’s it.

You can choose from the old type of pull-out sofas that have top cushions over the spring-loaded metal frame, or you can select from the newer models which rid you of the need to remove the cushions. In such cases, the metal frame is located underneath the cushion frame.

Now, regarding the mattress size, you can choose from a sofa that has a full-size mattress (turning into a really large bed), or a half-size mattress that allows for the use of sofa cushions as the other half of the mattress. Either way, you won’t be wrong as sleeping on these sofas is pretty comfy because they’re built to last. Once again, the use of a mattress topper is always an option when wanting to make the bed comfier.

Easy Open Mechanism

how to buy a good sofa bed
source: thespruce.com

Easy to use and open, these convenient sofa beds are another great choice you can invest in. Thanks to the easy to open mechanisms, you don’t need to remove the cushions in order to use them as a bed. Usually, they are designed to be open from the back and have a fold-over type of mechanism. So within seconds, you can convert your sofa to a bed. Depending on the model you choose, some of these sofas have a real mattress, while others use the back-support and seating cushions as a mattress. Either way, they offer great comfort and durability.

Click-Clack Mechanism

This is one of the most affordable sofa options you have on the market. These beds have no mattress included because the top and bottom of the sofa spread out evenly to become a bed. In order to convert them in bed, you just have to fold the mattresses forward until you hear the click and then fold them back until the beds lie flat. The greatest benefit of click-clack sofas is their weight. When compared to pull-out and easy-open sofas, the click-clack sofas are way lighter because these they have no additional frames, making them easier to move around.