Types of False Eyelashes and How to Clean Them

Nowadays, eyelashes are considered the final touch to a well done look. False eyelashes are the lovely last detail that simply adds more definition to your overall makeup look. Now, one of the most common mistake novices do is to grab the first falsies they see on the stand. However, just like everything else, false eyelashes come in an array of choices, all designed for different makeup combos and occasions. So, to make the right choice, first you will need to go over the many types of falsies and understand their use.

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Eyelash Strips

Eyelash strips are one of the oldest and most commonly used type of eyelashes by women all around the world. These are a horizontal band that consists of faux hairs that are worn across the entire upper lash line. Now, these eyelashes are also divided into several categories, mainly characterised by the hairs’ density and length. For instance, if you have round eyes, you would probably benefit from wearing doll like false eyelashes that are winged on the outer corners. Deep-set eyes, on the other hand, are better off with longer and more visible doll lashes. If you have hooded eyes, then you could try wearing eyelashes that are longer in the middle.

The good thing about these doll lashes is that they can make your eyes pop. They can give you crazy volume and add drama to your look. You can opt between the ones with a black band which is usually used for making your eyes more defined, or you can opt for the transparent/invisible band for achieving a more subtle effect. The latter type is usually used for daytime. There’s no denying that it is always better to go for natural fibres – natural human hair as they won’t irritate your eyes which can be the case with synthetic fibres. The fibre density is different and can range from normal to high, whereas the highest volume will give you that extreme doll look you might like. You can also opt for eyelashes with an even hair fibre length or ones that have irregular one.

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Individual Eyelashes

These lashes are designed for those of you who want to have a more subtle and natural look. They are great for adding a subtle boost to your natural eyelashes by helping you highlight only certain lash line areas. Just like with the strip doll false eyelashes, these also can come in different lengths and fibre thickness and are extremely easy to apply. Usually, they are packed in a set of 30 -60 strands in different length, giving you the ability to highlight different areas. Since these eyelashes are more about giving you a natural look, they are perfect for filling some missing gaps you might have.

Cluster False Eyelashes

These falsies are great for when you’re in a rash or if you aren’t skilled in applying full strip lashes. Cluster lashes are smaller than individual ones and more workable. They have a little band on a cluster which makes them easier to apply on the lash line. Usually, women love applying clusters only on the corners of the eyes in order to achieve the cat-eye effect. When combined with an eyeliner applied only on the outer eye corner, the effect is amazing.

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Removing False Eyelashes

Before removing your falsies, you will need to apply makeup remover. Pour a little of the solution on a cotton pad and place it on your eyelashes. Wait for a few seconds and then gently start removing the eyelashes from the outer corner towards the inner. If you are dealing with clusters or individual eyelashes, repeat the ‘moistening procedure’ and starts taking them off section by section. Once done, remove any makeup or glue excess by cleaning them with a makeup remover and a cotton pad. If there are any stubborn glue stamps on the lash line, wash your face with warm water.

How to Clean False Eyelashes

If you are one of those women who love to apply a coat or two of mascara over the fake eyelashes, then washing them thoroughly is a must. Not only there will be a mascara build-up on them, but also glue leftovers. If not cleaned after every use, this can lead to eye irritations and skin infection. To avoid this, cleaning them on a regular basis will keep these problems at bay.

How Do You Wash Dolls Eyelashes or Any Eyelashes in General?

You can clean them by soaking them in a solution of warm water and gentle soap or baby shampoo. The warm water (not hot) will make the glue and mascara dissolve, while the soap will clean them completely. After that, rinse them with lukewarm water and leave them to air dry.

You can also clean them with the help of cotton swabs and makeup remover. Just place the lashes on a paper towel, soak the end of the cotton swab in the solution and start cleaning them. Make sure you clean them gently, otherwise you might end up tearing them. Finish the makeup removal process by using another clean cotton swab dipped in warm water in order to remove any remaining mascara.