Transform Your Room with a Wall Mural

Wall murals are the easiest way to add novelty to your space without spending too much time or money. They are also the perfect way to express your personal taste and interest in something.

Where to Put it?

A great thing about wallpaper murals is that they can be used in both commercial and residential places. When considering installing a wall mural in your home, you have the freedom to do it in literally any room.

office wall murals

For instance:

  • You can place mural wallpaper in your bedroom to simply jazz it up or to create an escape from the everyday stress from work.
  • You can add one in your hallway or entryway to create a wow factor for when guests arrive.
  • Murals can also go perfectly in living rooms as they can act as a focal point.

    wall mural living room
  • The kids’ room is no exception when it comes to adding wallpaper murals. There are tons of them to choose from and they can help you turn this room into a magical and adventurous place.
  • Instead of wall art, you can add a mural in the dining room to break up the dullness.
  • Wall murals can also be added in bathrooms, especially smaller ones. Since they are small and do not allow for a lot of items and accessories to be placed, a wall mural is a perfect solution. They can instantly add a dash of colour and freshness without compromising the space.

Adding Mural to a Commercial Space

  • Regardless of the business you have, you can dedicate a wall for a mural that contains your logo and other branding elements.
  • Murals are great for adding a dash of freshness and positivity to a diner without taking up floor space.
  • Wall murals can be added even in schools in order to build the school spirit by adding team logos or some mascots in the hallways or even in the classrooms.

    wall mural water
  • These decor pieces can perfectly match the relaxing atmosphere in a spa salon. Everything related to serenity and nature can come handy in places like this.
  • Adding murals in cafes is also an option and this way you can make your cafe more instagramable. People like to take photos of unusual and unique things and post them on social media. A unique mural can be a smart way to attract more customers.

What Kind of Wall Mural to Choose?

Abstract art, animals, flowers, geometrical shapes, stripes, polka dots and nature are some of the many types of wallpaper murals you can add in your home. Needless to say, you should choose according to your personal preferences. For instance, if you are a nature lover, you can opt for a mural with a mountain image or a forest in order to bring the outdoors in. There are many home wall mural ideas that can help you turn your home from drab to fab. Make sure you go over lots of options and consider the rest of the home decor.


How to Choose the Right Size?

The easiest way to choose the right size of the mural is to rely on the size of the wall. Regardless of the room where you plan to add the mural, you will need to have the exact wall measurement. You can also choose from the many partial wall murals which are great for adding colour, texture and interest to the room. You can always order a custom made mural that can meet the specific wall shape and size.

What Material to Choose?

The last but not least thing to consider when choosing a mural is the material. The most affordable option is choosing a mural that is printed on paper. Except on paper, you can opt for a mural that printed on some high quality and tear-resistant material.

How to Install Mural Wallpaper?

Almost all types of murals are installed with the help of an adhesive or a special wallpaper paste. However, there are some which come in the peel and stick form. Regardless of the type of mural you choose, usually a pair of gifted and experienced hands of a professional are required for the job. This goes especially for those of you who are perfectionists and want everything to match perfectly.