The Best Tool Storage Solutions from DeWalt in 2022

DeWalt Power Tools has a reputation for building some of the toughest hand and power tools on the market. And regardless of whether you’re a tradie, a chippie, or just a DIYer, you know that when you buy DeWalt products, you’re buying the best.

Their passion for innovation isn’t limited to drills, saws, and wifi solutions, though. DeWalt was one of the first tool manufacturers to recognize just how much of a disadvantage tool users were at for a lack of truly efficient tool storage solutions. They realized that the classic, heavyweight steel tool box that craftsmen had been hauled around for generations simply didn’t have the mobility or the modularity to be of practical value in an era when craftsmen needed to be as adaptable and portable as their tools were.

In 2011, DeWalt introduced their first polymer-bodied tool storage system built around a concept of strong, portable containers that put mobility and modularity at the centre of their design. Today, DeWalt is regarded as a pioneer of customizable tool storage solutions, and their dedication to innovation is as strong as it’s ever been.

Innovative Tool Storage from DeWalt


As tools continue to become more compact, more powerful, and more portable, it’s not uncommon for them to move from workbench to worksite, and back to a workbench all in a single day. The challenge for craftsmen to arrive on site with only what’s needed for the job at hand has never been greater, and DeWalt Tough System tool storage platforms like their patented TSTAK® and ToughSystem® solutions provide them with the scalable durability to do just that.

The TSTAK® and ToughSystem® solutions give tradies and craftsmen the capacity and flexibility to select only the toolboxes and accessory containers they need for the day, and to securely combine them into stackable, interlocking configurations. The ability to mix and match containers to make fully customized tool boxes effectively eliminates the need to ever transport large, massively over-filled tool boxes again; and it’s the kind of innovative thinking that’s helped to make DeWalt storage systems the most efficient anywhere.

Making Modularity Mobile

Modularity is one of the main advantages that both DeWalt TSTAK® and ToughSystem® solutions have over similar tool storage systems. And although the 2 storage platforms aren’t compatible, they both feature:

  • Modular stacking latches with patented one-touch side latch technology;
  • Full- and half-sized internal storage partitions and provisioning; and,
  • Built-in handles and heavy-duty metal front latches for increased strength and security.

And when it comes to mobility, TSTAK® and ToughSystem® 2- and 4-wheeled rolling box, trolley, and wheeled carrier solutions include full interlocking transport features, such as:

  • Adjustable bracketing systems that allow for tailored transport configurations;
  • Central frame locking mechanisms that secure the boxes to their transporter; and,
  • Wide telescopic handles that improve maneuverability.

No matter what types of tools and accessories you have or where you need to take them, you can be sure that one of DeWalt’s tool storage systems can be tailored to suit your precise need.

In fact, it’s no coincidence that DeWalt has developed two unique storage solutions. User needs vary; and while both systems perform the same functions and are equally robust, they’re also incredibly distinctive. Deciding which one is best for you isn’t as much about assessing the boxes as it is about assessing your individual needs. However, once you’ve reached a conclusion about what you expect from your storage system, the differences between TSTAK® and ToughSystem® become incredibly clear.

Getting Organized with the TSTAK®


When organisation is the name of the game, the DeWalt TSTAK® system leads the way. With an emphasis on effectively grouping and arranging your tools, fasteners, and other accessories, the TSTAK® system features a full range of interconnecting drawers, bins, and trays that let you prioritize productivity over sheer bulk storage.

The TSTAK® box system doesn’t sacrifice any of its sturdiness for the sake of keeping things organized though, and its construction qualities include:

  • A 2.5mm polypropylene casing;
  • Box carrying capacities up to 30kg; and,
  • IP54-rated protection against water and dust intrusion.

DeWalt’s second generation of TSTAK® storage boxes, TSTAK® 2.0, features a range of enhancements that help to make the standard DeWalt TSTAK® box even sturdier, including:

  • Metal-pinned modular stacking mechanisms;
  • Tracker Readiness, allowing boxes to be tracked by DeWalt’s proprietary Tool Box app; and,
  • Full backwards compatibility with first-generation TSTAK® boxes.

The TSTAK® toolbox system combines organizational excellence with innovative modularity and mobility in ways that you’d only expect from a DeWalt storage solution. However, if what you really need with your modularity and mobility is the carrying capacity of a bulk-sized tool storage solution, then you don’t need to look any further than the ToughSystem®.

Bulk-Sized Storage with the ToughSystem®

DeWalt’s ToughSystem® storage solution takes heavy-duty tool storage to the next level with a lineup of boxes that are more durable, more customizable, and have more capacity than any other tool storage system in their class. With its largest box boasting a storage capacity nearly twice that of the largest TSTAK®, the ToughSystem® still boasts a collection of drawers, trays and totes that’ll let you keep your smaller items exactly where you want them.

More than anything though, ToughSystem® drawers, cases, and organizers are designed to be the hardiest storage boxes available, and they’re built around a platform that features:

  • A 4mm reinforced polypropylene casing;
  • Box carrying capacities up to 50kg; and,
  • IP65-rated protection against water and dust intrusion.

Regardless of the size of the box, innovation remains the name of the game at DeWalt, and their ToughSystem® 2.0 takes rugged, bulk-sized tool storage to the limit with:

  • A thinner 3.5mm outer casing that increases all box capacities by 20%;
  • Tracker capability through DeWalt’s Tool Box app; and,
  • Complete backward compatibility with original ToughSystem® boxes.

ToughSystem® 2.0 also benefits from half-width case compatibility that allows cases to be mounted back-to-back, and a patented AutoSlide mechanism that allows boxes and trays to be latched into position quicker than ever. In short, not only is ToughSystem® 2.0 DeWalt’s biggest and most durable storage system, but it’s also their most advanced – and that’s an advantage that anyone who cares about their tools would be proud to leverage.

The Final Word

At the end of the day, a tool storage system only has one purpose: to allow you to manage and maintain your tools and accessories in a manner that lets you use them most efficiently. The truth, however, is that some companies’ storage systems do it better than others. Any company can build a box; it takes a true innovator to build one that adds value.

Innovation is what separates hard-working DeWalt Tough System tool storage platforms like TSTAK® and ToughSystem® from all the other storage systems. By offering two exceptionally designed storage systems that are equally committed to quality, DeWalt gives you the option to manage your tools in a way that lets you get the most efficient use out of them. That’s why when tradies and craftsmen want the best, they turn to DeWalt.