Slouch Pants: Ways to Make Them Work for Different Occasions

Each season has at least one trend that makes you think to yourself “Can I really pull this off?”. Well, one such piece of clothing that many consider extremely comfortable but quite tricky to style is the slouch pants. An easy and fun piece that can easily be styled for different occasions. Here is how you can manage it.

The Fancy Slouchy

Many consider combining fancy and slouchy simply impossible. The notion of having comfortable yet fancy pants in one can be seen as counter-intuitive. Regardless, there are designs and models that can really work. Some of these come with a dressier belt, some are a bit flashy themselves. And for some, the pattern is what makes them suitable for nights out. Pair them with a fancy-looking crop top and stylish high-heels and voila – you are done.

The Self-Care Slouchy

Self care activities are supposed to be relaxing and wearing breathable, comfortable slouch pants can only add to the enjoyable effect. While on the topic of self-care, there is a material that stands out a lot – bamboo. That is why for maximum comfort and gentle feeling, you ought to try out bamboo-made slouch pants. For a relaxing spa day, after a lazy bath at home, or even when laying on the couch watching your favourite movie – all these activities will be much more pleasing if you decide to wear bamboo slouch pants. A baggy t-shirt or a tank top can also add to the comfort.

The Casual Slouchy

Contrary to the fancy style, the casual combo is seen as the most commonly used and adored by many. Simply pair your slouch pants with comfy shoes like sandals, flip flops or sneakers and a t-shirt or cardigan and you are ready to run errands, go for a walk or have a brunch with your friends. Moreover, this casual and loose trend is perfect for music festivals as well. For this occasion, you can opt for bolder patterns, like flowery or colourful designs that will make you stand out from the crowd in a positive and stylish way.

The Office Slouchy

The versatility of slouch pants makes it possible to wear them for work too. You can pair them with a fitted blazer and a shirt, and look professional while feeling extremely comfortable. High-heels or stylish flats can be a perfect option to finish your look.

The Street Style Slouchy

In the past few years, the street style – also known as the “model-off-duty” style, has gained enormous popularity. This is a chic and effortless style you can achieve by opting for a pair of slouchy pants along with a crop top, a vintage band tee and a leather or denim jacket for colder days. As for your feet, sneakers, sandals or comfy flats will go well.