Slightly Bored with the Same Old? Poses That Are Even Better with Sex Toys

Regardless of whether you are in a long, committed relationship or not, when it comes to sex, it’s easy to fall back on a couple of tried and tested moves. And there is nothing wrong with that, except that maybe your sex life can become a bit stale over time. One way you can take things up a notch from mild to hot is to order sex toys. Natural stimulation is always wonderful but there are some things that simply can’t be done by humans…

Missionary with a Cock Ring

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The missionary is a classic sex position and for a lot of good reasons – the intimacy, the fact that you can kiss your partner, see each other’s facial expressions, and wrap your arms around each other completely…there are many things to love about it. Your bodies are fused together and you become one which is totally romantic, but in a hot way.

But doing the missionary pose doesn’t always hit the right points at the front of the vagina and therefore it is not the greatest position for clitoral stimulation. Well, there is no need to give up on your favourite missionary position just because of that. You can spice things up and order sex toys like a vibrating cock ring (suddenly Beyoncé’s lyrics “put a ring on it” make more sense, wink). This is a simple device that’s placed on the tip of the penis and above the testicles to reduce the blood flow out of the penis.

The vibrating ring can increase the level of pleasure for both partners – the vibrating part stimulates her clitoris while the ring prevents the blood from flowing down the penis and helps him experience a harder erection that lasts longer than usual – talk about a win-win. On top of that, many men also report that it makes their penis more sensitive and when they finally ejaculate it makes the sensation more intense.

if you decide to order sex toys such as these, you will notice that cock rings come in different shapes, colours, and sizes. They can be also made from different materials like glass, metal, leather, and silicone. As a beginner, go for the silicone ones as these are stretchy, easy to put on and use. Also, you want to make sure the one that what you choose is going to be snug enough so that it won’t move during the intercourse, but not too tight to cut off blood circulation. An adjustable one is pretty convenient and they usually come with a loop that can be loosened or tightened to provide the perfect fit. Wearing one may be uncomfortable at first, but after a few sessions, the wearer gets used to it.

Doggy-Style with a Vibrator

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While some love gazing into the eyes of their partner, for others the idea of being able to contort their face in ecstasy while in privacy is much better and nothing beats the doggy position for this. But if watching turns you on and you do love this position, then there is nothing better than doggy style in front of a mirror. In addition, this position creates lots of opportunities for incorporating sex toys. For women who are really into anal sex, the doggy style position makes it easy for using a vibrator for that type of penetration or for stimulation of the clitoris. Or why not both at the same time if you have a multi-functional vibrator. If you are looking to order a vibrator for both penetration and external stimulation, then the Rabbit Vibrator may be your best bet (but there are also hundreds of variations of this style). The vibrator and the rabbit can vibrate independently and at different speeds which can result in the most intense of orgasms.

Flatiron with a Sex Positioning Pillow

The flatirion is a great twist on the traditional doggie style and another position favoured by many. But it can be even better when done with a pillow used to raise the hips of the receiver as to facilitate deeper penetration. Pillows are arguably one of the best sex accessories you can have (no wonder why so many people have like a ton of pillows on their bed). But regular pillows are not meant to support your entire weight and they tend to lose shape very quickly. This is why you might want to order sex toys like a wedge sex pillow that has been made from a supportive foam that’s denser and heavier than your ordinary sleeping pillow.