Reasons Why Bamboo Fabric Is the Best Choice for Babies

The minute your little one arrives on this world, you as a parent strive to do everything to keep him/her healthy and protected. Often times, you’ll fail to do so, but that doesn’t mean you’re a bad parent. After all, babies are small and fragile creatures which aren’t ready to deal with this chemical-riddled world. In particular, their soft and delicate skin is very susceptible to irritating reactions. For this reason, one of the best things you can do is to limit their exposure to harsh chemicals by opting for healthy, organic fabrics. And when it comes to such fabrics, bamboo is the absolute best for the following reasons.


It’s no secret that synthetic fabrics are heavily treated with chemicals and toxins. While they might not cause a reaction in an adult person, when a baby’s skin comes into contact with them it can easily result in an irritating rash, an allergy or eczema. Therefore, it’s best to eliminate synthetic fabrics entirely and opt for the much gentler bamboo fabric. As a plant, bamboo is grown without being treated with heavy, toxic pesticides. But, even when it’s processed into fabric it still doesn’t undergo chemical treatment as its fibre is naturally smooth and round. With that being said, you won’t find anything gentler and healthier than a bamboo hooded towel to wrap your baby after a warm bath.

Great Moisture-Wicking Properties

Few fabrics can dry so quickly as bamboo. Its superb moisture-wicking properties make it the best choice for bed linen and bath towels. By lining your baby’s cot with bamboo sheets, you’ll have a peace of mind knowing that your baby will stay dry and comfortable throughout the night. What’s more, because the fabric allows moisture to evaporate quickly, a bamboo hooded towel is less likely to develop a mildew smell like many cotton towels do.


The reason bamboo doesn’t need to undergo chemical treatment is because it contains a natural substance called bamboo kun which makes the plant resistant to pests and fungi. And even after bamboo has been processed into fabric, this antimicrobial agent remains largely preserved, giving bamboo products a natural protective shield against dust mites, bed bugs, moths and mould. By opting for bamboo baby bedding that keeps those pesky intruders away, you’ll create a healthy, hypo-allergenic sleeping environment for your little one.


Babies have no way to communicate to us how they feel other than crying. The reason your baby is fussing and crying even though you’ve changed and fed him/her might be because he/she feels uncomfortable. Since very small babies have trouble regulating their temperature, they can frequently feel too hot or too cold and thus have trouble sleeping and be generally restless. But bamboo has special thermoregulating properties because of its unique structure which can help keep babies cosy warm in winter and refreshingly cool in summer.